Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cute cousins!

I am so thankful that Trace is so close to his cousins... and more thankful that MeMe watches them every day for us while we are at work!! Somehow she keeps her sanity and also manages to take the best pictures of them during the day!! I love all these sweet babies like they are my own! They always bring a smile to my face!!
Trace is cheesin!!

my Kenley bug!

Sweet Baby Laura Grace

Caden making La-La Lips!

Trace and Kenley Kissing!

Caden and Kenley dancing!

trying to escape!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

trace is the sweetest valentine ever!

Monday, February 11, 2008


my baby trace is almost a year old! that is so sad to me! but it's a part of life. everyone told me how fast time would go by, and that before i knew it trace would be a year old, but i never thought it would go by THIS fast! we stay so busy these days... since the last post, trace went to his first circus (and ate cotton candy and slurped on overpriced snow cones), had a very sick weekend with a 104.7 fever but thankfully is much better (we go back to the dr tuesday to have him re-checked to make sure the infection is gone!), survived a pretty bad storm at our house(including a tree falling on the power line and catching fire), and also has cut his 8th tooth(hooray!) see, i told you we've been busy! hope you like the new pics, maybe i can write more soon. but for now pics will have to be enough!! :) btw, the one up top is my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE ONE!!!

at the circus
love my toys!
they are so fun!
the rockin giraffe
oh so sleepy baby!

thank you lord for the many blessings in our life!