Saturday, August 4, 2012

8 years...

on july 17, nate and i celebrated our 8th anniversary. seriously... has it been that long? my how the time flies... it is so crazy looking back over the past 8 years. we've had so many ups, but of course some downs too. laughter and tears, happiness, fears... lots of firsts... first apartment rent due! first christmas. first time on vacation just the 2 of us. buying our first house. having our first (and second!) baby! first time to church as a family... the list goes on. we've learned a lot... oh how we have grown in so many ways. no matter how many times someone tells you something, or how much good (or bad) advice you get, you just have to figure life out by yourself sometimes. 

i'm so thankful that nate and i built our marriage on a godly foundation so many years ago. b/c when the storms came, we knew what to do, and who to turn to. and yes, the storms came. the small summer rain showers... the thunder and lightening storms. the torrential downpours. and even the hurricane in may of 2011. but i'm so so so thankful that god was always with us. he never left us. even though at times we def left him, we didn't put him first, we didn't seek him... he was always there. 
god has blessed us beyond measure. he has brought us farther than we ever thought possible. he put people in our path to help us when we needed it. godly counselors and advisors when we didn't know what to do and where to go. family that was and still is so faithful to pray for us. church friends and family that dropped what they were doing at times, to come help us. 

it is nothing short of a miracle that nate and i have been married 8 years. the 7th year was hard. really hard. harder than i ever thought possible. but by the grace and mercy of god, we made it through. we refocused on him, and each other, and slowly started to recover. the healing process is hard. and it hurts. oh it hurts. but just like most things, it might get worse before it gets better. i'm here to tell you.. it can and WILL get better. hang in there. and have faith that god can do great and mighty things in your life and marriage. we are living proof that what satan meant for evil, the lord meant for good!

we've learned that LOVE NEVER FAILS.

happy 8 years babe... i'm not nieve enough to think we'll never have any problems, or that life will always be rosey. but i have faith that together, with god in the center, we can overcome anything!! i know we will have many, many more amazing years together!!!! i love you more than words can say! i appreciate how bold you are in your faith. your love for god and your passion to lead worship makes me so proud.. your ability to overcome strongholds is inspiring. your strength is amazing. i know that god gave me you for the ups and downs. <3>