Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sweet sweet boys!

i just can't get enough of these sweet sweet boys!
helps that they are so stinkin' cute! :-)

Friday, November 11, 2011


quick story... then i will let the pics do the talking! :)
so my birthday was last saturday, november 5. so a few weeks ago i decided i'd like a new camera for a combined birthday/christmas gift. tuesday of last week, nate picked up the kids. the minute i walked in the door... lucas said' "hey mom, my dad got you a new camera!"
so.... lucas can't keep a secret. and mama got her camera a few days early!

i had an awesome birthday... i'm blessed beyond measure!
i'm gonna enjoy my last year of my twenties!
and don't worry... there will be plenty of pics to document the next year! ;-)

ben rector and needtobreathe

my mom won nate and i tickets to see needtobreathe in concert nov 4! we were pumped! the concert was in t-town... as was the "biggest game of the century" the next day, and half of the southeast. but... despite the warnings to allow 2-3 extra hours of travel time... it only took a little over an hour to get there. we found a nice little italian place to eat, then waited for the doors to open. we finally got in and found a pretty good seat!

so we had no idea who would be opening for n2b. turns out it was a guy named ben rector and his band. and now, nate and i LOVE him! his music is really good... a lot are love songs. look him up... one of our favs is called "she is." 

the lighting was dim but not too crazy while ben was singing.. so i was able to get some good pics. with my NEW camera that is! :-)
 self portrait... a must.

 finally... it was time for NEEDTOBREATHE! and they were awesome!!
their lighting however, was crazy. so i didn't get a ton of good shots. but it's ok. but it was just incredible to see them perform live. one of the best concerts we've ever been to for real!
 at the end... they did an accoustic set that was phenominal. wow... wish we would have recorded it.
 we love love loved needtobreathe before their concert... but funny how much we love them even more after seeing them. i've listened to mostly ben rector and n2b the past week!
 if by some chance you haven't heard some of n2b's songs... please... go check them out! i have several favorites... but just a few of them are something beautiful, let us love, and slumber.  
 happy early birthday to me! it was a fantastic gift... thanks mom for your luck of ticket winning on wdjc! :) it was also a wonderful date nite for nate and i. and thanks to meme for watching the kids so we could enjoy this nite without them! :)

this def goes down in history as one of the best shows ever. only behind third day when we got engaged, jeremy camp, and my latest love, zac brown! if you happened to miss the zbb post... you can go read it here!  :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TrIcK or TrEaT

this pretty much says it all! but i thought i'd add a few details of the nite as well!

we always dress up in our office... this year i found a cute ladybug costume. but these days, sadly, it's so hard to find women's costumes that don't look like they belong in a strip club. seriously! so i added leggings and a long sleeve shirt under this and made it suitable for work :)

we kept our tradition of going to josh and shannons house. we always eat chili for dinner, and it never fails, as soon as we sit down to eat... the doorbell is already ringing! so then the kids think it's time to go get candy! and so begins our adventures of trick or treating in misty pines!

i love that lucas always wants to hold my hand... it's the sweetest! shannon and caden took off and hit almost all the houses in the neighborhood! luc and i took a much slower pace! :)

most of the kids liked sitting on the porch and giving out candy as much as they did going house to house to GET candy! we had to watch them... lucas would just give like one piece each, whereas caden would give 2 handfuls of the good stuff! :)
i love love love making memories with our sweet kiddos! i always remember our fall festivals at church, growing up i know we went every single year! everyone used to dress up, even the adults!! i also remember begging my mom to go trick or treat at our neighbors house on halloween, mr and mr keith! she would make me and shannon wait til it was almost dark, then we'd run across our yard and ring the doorbell! :) i hope our kids have fun memories when they get older and think back on halloween fun. 

me again :)


from left to right:
spiderman, fancy nancy, batman, dorothy,
lil spidey, lightening mcqueen, and the cutest little lion ever! :)


Monday, November 7, 2011

superheros and fall vegetables...

love my little super heros!! this year we scored super cheap (or free) costumes... i was so happy when the boys thought that spidey and batman would be cool costumes! and not to mention sooo very cute!!
 the kids were *so* excited for our fall festival at church... lucas had a hard time with that name, so he called it the fall vegetable. it was adorable! :-)
 libby brought connor and grace... they are really just like 2 extra whitt kids! so glad they were able to come... the kids all had a blast!
kenley was minnie and mason was lightenin' mcqueen
 some kids were easier to get pics of than others... i try and keep things even.. but it's evident that doesn't always happen!
ummm... is this not THE CUTEST dorothy and lion ever?!? OMGOODNESS! i could eat them up!!!
 i didn't realize that caden was spiderman too. until i saw his costume!. i love our 2 spideys!! luc didn't want the red hair.. however i thought caden rocked it!
 love love love this pic of bitsy and poppi and 4 of the 5 grands! too bad the big spiderman was off saving the day...
 so as ya'll saw from the vampire teeth on the last post... i'm all about having fun with the kiddos! so when gracie girl needed someone to take her up the slide, she knew her jj would!! i think she was kinda scared... but it was so fun! my screaming is probably what scared her! oops!!
i promise... only one more halloween post and then we are DONE! i'm all about costumes and festivals and pumpkin patches.. but boy am i ready for the REAL holidays!!!! :-)