Monday, June 29, 2009

so big

look at my big boy! we've been wanting to give trace a summer hair cut... and i finally got brave and let meme buzz it! she did a great job! at first i thought it was too short, but it has really grown on me and now i LOVE it! the only thing i don't like is it makes him look so big! is he cute or what? i'm so in love with this boy :) **sidenote: i have a ton of pics from this weekend, alabama adventure and then the red sox game. hope to do another couple posts soon! **

Thursday, June 25, 2009

best daddy EVER

dear daddy-o!

it's us, trace car and baby lucas. we know father's day was a few days ago, but we've been wanting to tell you a few things. for starters, do you how much we love you? you are the best daddy ever!! you always keep us smiling and laughing... we love when you tickle us and get our goozle! we have so much fun when you are around! everyone says we look just like you and our names should be nate jr, but we like the names you and mama picked out for us better. trace and lucas are good, strong names! we love how you take care of us and mama. you work 10 hour days at bsco. we know you love your job but you are tired when you go home. but you don't let that stop you! when you get home, you help mama with dinner, you make time to play with us, you watch movies with us, (and countless hours of dora and diego, and we can't forget about hi 5!) you play swords with us, and we have all sorts of fun with our toys like the trucks, animals, and mister potato head! you bathe us and get us in our pj's, and then our favorite part is when you tuck us in for bed. we love when you read the cars book, and then when you rock us and we say our prayers. then you sing "you are my trace car." sometimes you forget and sing "you are my trace car" to baby lucas, but he likes it too! :) we feel so safe in your arms, with your hugs and kisses... we just love that feeling. we know you will always be here for us no matter what! you are so strong yet so gentle with us. you make us feel better when we are sick or when we get boo boos, which is all the time! sometimes you have to get mr. pop, but we know that you are just trying to teach us and discipline us like the bible says! lucas is too little for mr. pop right now, but soon you will have to start telling him no and using pop with him too! you are so good to us. we wonder how we are so blessed to have you as our daddy! we can't wait til we're a little older and we can really start doing fun stuff with you, like playing baseball and football and you can teach us everything you know! and you can teach us how to sing and also how to play the guitar. we want to be just like you daddy. we want to love jesus like you do, and we want to help lead others to him. we want to be a godly example like you are. your actions speak louder than your words, and we love that about you. we thank god for you all the time. and so does mama. she tells us we have the best daddy ever and she is right! when she is cranky and tired, you take over. you let her go get pedicures all the time. and you let her read in the bed while you take care of us when she needs a break. you do the dishes and laundry and cut grass on your off day, so she doesn't have to worry about it. we could not ask for a better daddy, because you are the best daddy ever! we hope you had a wonderful father's day, and we hope you know that everyday is so special when we are with you!!

we love you to the moon!

trace car and baby lucas
hope you enjoy these pics... there's a lot, since we're taking it back old school... starting when your firstborn made his grand arrival on march 8, 2007. mama says that was the day that forever changed the lives of our family.

words can never express how much we love you james nathan whitt! you are the best husband and daddy anyone could ever ask for!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 months and cereal...

lucas got a great report at his 4 month check up. he is growing like a weed~ he weighed 14 lbs 11 oz and was 25 1/2 in long! that means he's doubled his birth weight (7 lbs) and grown 5 1/4 inches in 4 months! WOW! the dr told us we could start him on cereal. so we did. the pictures pretty much tell how he liked it. or disliked it, as the case may be. i actually took a few pics of him gagging. guess he's not ready for it yet. teeth or no teeth! oh well. we will try again later.

and i just love this last pic... esp love his "heartbreaker" onsie :) b/c that, my friends, describes my baby boy perfectly. my lil heartbreaker!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer lovin'

slidin' into summer!

so despite the fact that nate and i both work 40+ hour work weeks, we are still making time for summer fun! oh how i wish we had a "summer break." but since we don't, we LIVE for the weekends... when we can stay up a little later than normal, sleep in a little (if the boys cooperate!) play outside, swim, hang out with family and friends, cook out... you know, all that fun stuff! meme got a new playground and the kids love it! as you see, trace is FEARLESS! he did not hesitate to go down the slide headfirst! that boy has so many bumps and bruises on him. i know he's a BOY and that is NORMAL but it's still hard for me to get used to! all the kids are getting so big. they play together so well (most of the time!) they fight like brothers and sisters but in the end they love each other so much and they are so protective of each other. it is great. i love how they are so close. caden, kenley, trace, and lala all love the new swingset. and the baby boys, lucas and mason, get their fair share of swingin' time in :) and by the way, mason went for his 3 month check up and was cleared by the physical therapist, and the neurologist said things look great. they want to see him again at 1 year for a check up but we are trusting god to take care of things. he is getting big, in fact, mason weighs a pound more than lucas, and he's a month younger! told ya he is just fine :) we are praising god for continued healing for baby mason!

lala girl is queen of the fort! love how she doesn't let that skirt stop her :) she gets down and dirty and at the end of the day she is as messy as the boys!!

kenley shows off her gymnastic skills, and caden shows his abs of steel :) cute little monkeys!!

caden got all his cute shaggy hair cut off... he now has a big boy faux hawk! it's adorable! trace wanted hair like caden's so we put some gel in it and he thought he was so cool :) he is cool, with or without the gel!

so handsome!!

trace LOVES to be outside. he is ALL BOY! whether it's blowing bubbles, swimming, playing with dump trucks in the dirt, sliding, or just running wild, he is just happy being outside. he comes in filthy dirty and smelling like a dog. but those are the joys of little boys, right? :)

trace completed his first year in awanas. he has been in the puggles class. he got awarded the 3rd place ribbon for attendance... he got beat by his cousins, imagine that! (there were several wednesdays toward the end of my pregnancy with lucas when trace and i skipped church- gasp! to go home and get in bed!) anyways... the awanas had a party at pump-it-up. man oh man. that nite i realized how bad out of shape i am in. trace had a BLAST though, but was too small to do the slides by himself. he got trampled by the big kids. so i had to lug him up to the top of every one of them. it was worth it though, hearing his shriek in delight all the way to the bottom. too bad it took us like 5 minutes to get to the top, then about 12 seconds to slide down. HA. i definitely got my work out that nite. i thought i was gonna die from chasing him around!! :)

daddy and his littlest man

since trace is such a blanky boy, we decided to get lucas one too. he also loves it... he snuggles up in it and falls right to sleep when he is tired. give him a paci and his blanky and he is out like a light! it works like a charm everytime! see?

sweet feet!

lucas is enjoying his role as "little brother!" except he's not so little anymore! he is learning new tricks and getting bigger by the day. he has started rolling over now, from his tummy to his back. he squeals and laughs all the time. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? he has 2 teeth! yep, only 4 months old and 2 TEETH!!!! they are on the bottom, front and center. they have def. broken thru the skin but i can't seem to get a good pic of them just yet. but they are there, trust me! he goes to the dr friday for his 4 month check up... he finished all his meds for his ear infection so nate will finally get to take him for his well visit. not looking forward to the 4 vaccines he has to have, but i can't wait to see how big he is now! my guess is close to 15 pounds!!

getting so big!

ok. this next pic cracks me up!! he's just about outgrown the bassinet, and his swaddle me blanket. but i love it and he sleeps so good like this! when i woke up one day last week and saw his feet hanging over the edge, i went and grabbed the camera. doesn't he look comfy?? i think we are gonna try and move him to the playpen this weekend and see how he sleeps in there.

and he loves to swing. can you tell? he is such a happy baby, just like trace was. we are blessed with the 2 best boys ever!

well, i didn't realize it had been so long since i'd blogged and posted new pics. so this one is chocked full of all sorts of stuff. and i think my A.D.D. kicked in. :) but i hope you enjoyed the update. check back soon to see what other kind of adventures we've been having! there's bound to be fun with nate, trace and lucas around!
SO, what are your favorite things to do in the summer? i'd love to know!