Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing Hard!

I KNOW, I KNOW... i haven't blogged in FOREVER! but here are a few cute pics of trace from the past few weeks... he has 7 teeth now, is crawling EVERYWHERE, even up the stairs, eating table food, just growing up before our eyes! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgving... we did. we have sooo sooo much that we are thankful for, our wonderful family being top of the list! we are so blessed!

Trace's First Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

8 months already??

trace will be 8 months tomorrow... i can hardly believe it! he is getting so big. november is quickly becoming a month with several "firsts" for trace! his 5th tooth came in over the weekend, so he will no longer be my cute little vampire :) he started eating table food on monday - we went to logan's for my bday and he enjoyed my mac -n-cheese and baked potato with me! and meme just called to say that trace is pulling up on the couch and standing. WOW! what else will happen? lots of bumps and bruises i'm sure! the overprotective mommy is coming out in me. but nate and i gave trace back to God the minute he was born, so there's only so much i can do!! i am loving this boy more and more every day. he is my little sweat pea!

"... night and day i thank God for you. night and day i always remember you in my prayers. " 2 timothy 1:3

Friday, November 2, 2007

tRiCk -oR- tReAt!!

well our first halloween has come and gone. but it was so much fun! i have been extremely busy at work and home as well so this will be short and sweet! trace was so funny in his little turtle costume. he played the part perfectly! kenley was the sweetest little lamb ever! caden was the tough dum dum eating football player, and little laura grace was an adorable kitty cat! we all hung out at uncle josh and aunt nae nae's house and we had a blast! what more could we want - good food, family, and lots of candy! (and cheesecake, b/c we celebrated my birthday which is monday!) can't wait til next year!! more babies = more fun!