Thursday, August 28, 2008


woah, a post with out a picture... NO FUN! maybe i can find one that you haven't seen yet!

anyways! i went for my 16 week check up and got another great report. the baby's heartrate was 153, pretty consistent with last month. so it could be a girl or it could be a boy. but guess what? only 12 more days and there will be no more guessing! :-) and it can not get here quick enough! i am soooo excited to find out. we've thrown around some more boy names but haven't agreed on anything yet. oh well. as nate reminds me, i'm not having this baby tomorrow. ha!

and trace is still surprising us with new things every day... mostly good new things. but we did find one bad habit of his. or maybe he's just sneaky! a few days ago nate took the garbage out and asked if i had thrown away some of trace's passies and his farm fridge magnets. of course i said NO! why would i do that? we found out trace is the little culprit! we've caught him throwing away his juice, hairbrush, his favorite toy guitar... what is his deal? we have been asking him to throw away trash and then when he does it we clap and yay and make a big fuss over it, which makes him clap and scream YEAH at the top of his lungs and run around like a wild man! so i guess we aren't rewarding him enough so he was trying to get our attention... too bad it earned him nothing better than a spanking :) anyways. we will have to keep an inventory of his passies (he used to have like 12) and now we know where they have disappeared to!!

his newest phrase is "hold you" and he'll reach up to me... not matter what i am doing or how full my hands are, he wants me to hold him NOW. it's just too sweet! my baby is growing up tooo fast. well we are all very excited for a 3 day weekend coming up... thank you lord for a time of rest and time spent with family and friends... i already know it will be a great weekend!!!

what do ya know... i found an adorable pic to post. and if ya'll have already seen it... oh well, enjoy it again! :)

*** new update as of 8/31/08... if we have a boy his name will be LUCAS JAMES WHITT and we will call him Lucas, not luke. just thought ya'll would like to know! **

Thursday, August 21, 2008

what's in a name

a few people have asked if we have any names picked out yet for the baby. we definitely have a girl name... drum roll please.... ** HALEY JAMES WHITT **. (nate's first name is james, and james is also a family name in both of our families, we have several grandfather's, uncles, cousins, etc named james.) and nate has just always like the name Haley so there ya go. i love Haley James and i think it is different, you don't hear many girls with that name. (except on one tree hill...) maybe b/c it's a boy name but oh well :) i think it's really cute. i don't think we will always call her by both names, probably just haley. but we'll see.
ok, so we don't have a definite boy name picked out. yes, if it's a boy, his middle name will be james as well, but we have talked about a few different names but nate and i can't agree on one yet. imagine that. he likes ** MICAH JAMES WHITT **. i like that name but i'm not sure that it's my favorite. i kinda like hudson, parker, or tucker. but then again, the names i like just don't sound right either. so nothing is for sure yet. i guess we will wait and see if it's a boy or a girl, if it's a girl then i guess we are wasting time dreaming of boy names. ha. trace carter just flows so well but it took a week or so after we found out he was a boy to decide on that name 100%. now i can't see him having any other name!
well that's it for now, so let me know what ya'll think!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

little flutterbys!

this boy loves sunglasses! is he too cute or what?? trace is getting so big, and saying new words everyday! his latest phrase is "that's mine!" yeah, i'm sure his older cousins taught him that, b/c i hear them say it all the time! even though i hate for him to be stingy, i LOVE it when he says it. he has the sweetest little voice ever! for those of you who hear him talk, i know you must agree :) he also says awww man, more, nite nite, juice... i know there are more things i'm still thinking though. oh, he has started saying "no." in that same sweet little voice. i'll say do you want to read a book, and he says "no." do you want to eat a bite, "no." it doesn't matter what the question is, the answer at this point is no, i guess he hasn't learned to say "yes" yet. we are working on "no ma'am" though, to teach him manners!! oh, the other funniest thing he says is "oh mo!" oddly enough, he says "no" by itself, but when he tries to say "oh no" it always comes out "oh mo!" i love it!!! ok. enough baby talk for now.
well, one more thing about the new baby... i think i have felt the baby move this week! it comes and goes so quickly but i know that's what it is! i can't wait for the next few weeks when the movements come more often and then when they get strong enough for nate or others to feel! what a miracle god has given us mothers to carry our precious children and shelter them for 9 months. nope, it's not always easy or fun, but the good far outweighs the bad!! i love my baby trace and i love this tiny baby i haven't even met yet! 3 more weeks and we will find out the sex! yeah!!! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fun in the sun!

i love this pic. trace woke up at 6:30 the first morning so i took him out to the beach and let nate sleep for another hour! this seagull or whatever it is let trace get so close to it... and trace just talked and pointed and loved it!

so we are back from the beach... and we had a wonderful time! all in all, it was a nice vacation. there were a few problems with the condo but we tried to make the best of things! by looking at the pics you'll see that trace had a great time and i'm so glad we went! i took almost 300 pics, go figure :) but here are a few of my fav... i made some into photo collages but there are still others that i love! trace loved the sand, the ocean, the pool. the attention he got from all the servers when we went out to eat... i think he just liked the newness of it all! btw, we did eat some wonderful crab claws and popcorn shrimp at sea n suds and the shrimp basket. yummmm!!!

trace did not take good naps at the beach... i guess there was too much fun stuff to do other than sleep! so when we got all dolled up and ready for the "family" pics, he just wasn't having it. and we made the mistake of giving him the room key to make him happy, and he would not let go of it! soo.. it's in every pic! :) he's not smiling in many of them, but we will have the memories forever! i love black and white pics. this one of him and nate is one of my favs!!

my sweet sweet sweet sweet spoiled sweet sweet sweet baby! (did ya'll catch that?)

oh, ok, you wanted me to smile??

there aren't many pics of me and trace b/c i was doing all the picture taking! but there are a few!! i don't care that i'm not in many, i just love taking them. nate told me to sit down and relax but i told him i was having fun taking all the pics!

sunday morning when we were getting ready to leave... one more shower to try and get all that sand out his crack :)

cranky crab is right! this boy is spoiled rotten. you see the round brush in his hand? yeah, i tried to take it away from him so i could pack it and he threw a fit. so the t shirt is perfect on this day.

yay for going home~ we did have a great time but once it's time to head home, we were all ready to be back in argo. trace did very good traveling, his dora and hi 5 dvd's kept him happy, so happy he only slept for 10 minutes the whole way home!!

ok, last pic, i promise! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

say "cheese"

trace is so silly! last nite at dinner, and mostly every nite when we are eating, he is in the craziest mood... and he makes the funniest faces ever! his new face is "popeye" and it is so silly! here are a few pics. and yes, that is cheese in his mouth :)