Sunday, January 27, 2013


On Thursday, January 24, opening night, we went to the circus to help celebrate Luc's 4th birthday!!! We went with Rob, (Very Pregnant) Amy, and Jack. It was a lot of fun!
Being the thrifty person that I am... I bought silly glasses, clown noses, glow necklaces, cotton candy, popcorn... basically anything we would need, at the dollar store before the show! It saved us SO MUCH MONEY. wow. The circus was fun but I could hardly justify paying $65 for 4 of us... If we would have bought any snacks or even the cheapest souvenier, no doubt we would have spent over $100 easy. Which hey, if you got it, spend it and have fun! But we gotta take a different approach! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013


I was able to go with our youth to Gatlinburg over Martin Luther King Weekend! We were at a conference called Strength to Stand, which is put on by Scott Dawson. We took 15 people from ACF with us, 11 kids and 4 chaperones. I had the amazing experience of rooming with our 3 sweet exchange students!! Hannah is 17 and from New Zealand. Tily is 17 from Berlin. and Patricia is 17 from Austria. It has been my joy to get to know them the past several months! And... it's also been my joy to get to see each one of them come to know Christ!!!! Patricia accepted Christ back in November, a few days after her Vida Neuva Weekend. It was long awaited and I could not have been more happy for her!!! And before Gatlinburg, I really didn't know Tily that well, but I was praying she would make a decision of some sort while at the conference. And I didn't know Hannah AT ALL before our trip. But God is so cool and he allowed me to be a part of both of their Salvation Experiences!!!!! Jan 19-21 2013 was definitely a weekend to remember! We all had an incredible trip, and saw God do so many GOD THINGS! I am so thankful that circumstances allowed me to go and be a part of such a life changing weekend! I love love love our youth, and to be able to be there with Hannah and Tily when they received Christ was simply amazing! We have built such strong relationships and it is so neat to see God moving!!
There's a ton of pics... enjoy the collages :)

Nothing to LOSE!!!!!!