Sunday, February 3, 2013

the whitt big top!

who let this boy turn 4?!? i just cant believe it! times passes by sooo fast... kinda makes this mama sad!
since we took the boys to the circus for Luc's birthday... we went with a circus themed party. it was so much fun to plan! a lot of hard work and time, but turned out super cute so it was worth it! :)
in a way, it was a mothers worse mightmare... the menu included cotton candy, popcorn, and peanuts IN THE SHELL. what was i thinking?! but... i had to stick with the theme ;)) the party favors were in cute little popcorn boxes! and i think my other fav part was the photo booth... look how cute our little clowns are!! the party was a big success and lots of fun!

just chillin with some of his gifts! can you tell he loves a hot wheel track? :)

a few things about my big 4 year old lucas...
he loves a car/track/truck/tractor... you get the idea! i mean LOVES them! he is still ALL BOY... full speed ahead all the time... he sweats more than any kid i've ever seen. he'd probably sweat playing in the snow! ;) he loves to wear blue jeans and rain work boots and work gloves... he gets to play/work with poppi on thursdays after bible study and i swear the kid is never happier!! he is a very hard worker... whether it's wiping down the floors if there's a spill, or carrying wood/big sticks, planting the garden, helping poppi with the cars... whatever he can do hands on and get dirty, he loves it! he also loves to go fishin with poppi! he and poppi are best buddies! 
luc loves to eat cereal just like his daddy! and the boy can tear up some yogurt. sometimes, he eats it 3 times a day and would probably eat it 6 if i'd let him! he loves a lunchable... esp the oreos! he likes bbq chips, red chips, and blue chips (nacho cheese and ranch doritos!) :) he loves some apple juice, just like his mama! 
he is so creative. he has the biggest imagination... must get that from his daddy! i love hearing him play and sing in his room! he loves his family... still a big ol mamas boy! he tells me oftentimes when i'm dropping him off in the mornings- i just LOVE you. that's why i'm sad. :'( that boy... has his mama's heartstrings!! he gives great big knock ya down hugs and kisses!! ohhh... and he STILL loves his blanky. i mean LOVES. i've never seen a blanket make a kid happier! he sleeps with it all the time, and when he's tired, he takes the satin edge of it and rubs his eyes... it's just precious!
i'm sure there's lots of other things he does and loves... but this is it for now!
HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to my sweet and silly, fun loving, loud and crazy