Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4 more sleeps...

and i will be on a plane...
headed here.

 to minister to these adorable, precious, beautiful,
appreciative, sweet,
(did i say beautiful?)
(i will be gone july 3-10. prayers are appreicated! thanks friends!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

save the dentist drama...

for someone other than yo mama! :)

nate and i took the boys to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned yesterday. if you remember, trace had a tooth pulled when he was barely 2, and he loves the dentist now. really, he always has! most every visit has gone pretty smooth. however, i knew this wouldn't be the case with lucas and his first visit. trace did soooo good. he laid on the chair by himself, watched tv on the ceiling, just chilled. he even went with the hygienist to get xrays, and was such a big boy! actually, nate and i were so busy with lucas, i didn't even realize trace had left until he came back in!!

the big boy!!
so proud of him!!

anywho.. yeah. luc screamed the whole.entire.time, and clung to me like a spider monkey held tightly to mama. poor thing. i wish so bad i could have convinced him it wouldn't hurt, i would never let anyone hurt him. i wanted to take away his fear, but i couldn't. so instead, i took a pic. and nate videoed the dentist drama! ;o)

the not so big boy! 

we use dr massey at trussville pediatric denistry and we love him. he really is awesome, and so is the whole staff there. it's so kid friendly. the parents can go back with the kids, and some place don't allow that. so hopefully we can convince lucas of how nice they are when we go back again in 6 months! btw, both boys teeth looked great. no cavities or problems. hooray!! and of course they didn't leave empty handed... luc had a new tshirt, and both boys got cool new toothbrushes, floss picks, and of course, a toy! they picked these tiny little ninjas that i pulled out of luc's mouth no less than 87 times last nite. i think we conveniently lost it at bedtime. yay! darn.

warning: i did not know nate was filming. i was trying to calm lucas, and at the very end i looked at nate, and said- oh my gosh, please tell me you are not vidoeing this! so the answer was yes. and now i'm sharing it with the world wide web. are we the worst parents ever? :) please don't call DHR on us friends. i promise, we were JUST getting his teeth cleaned!

contrary to popular belief... lucas grew up and became a dentist. they all lived happily ever after. ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


first of all, credit goes to shannon for taking this first pic. look at Sweet T.... ohmygoodnessgracious!! i could just EAT this boy up. i will take credit for the cute outfit tho... jj loves to buy that boy clothes! :)) timothy is 8 months old now, can you believe it? soon i will do a whole post on this little cutie! seriously... he is so sweet. he brightens my day!!! can't get enough of him. and he seems to have that effect of everyone!

and thanks to meme for taking the rest of these adorable pics! i don't know how she does it... but i totally love all of them and had to share!!
 2 1/2 years old...
 and although they look like angels here...
 they are in the terrible twos no doubt. at least lucas is... i'll let rach speak for mason. ha!
 and the two big boys... caden is 5 now and trace is 4. they are the best of friends!!
 and don't forget the drama queens sweet girls! they are great helpers and little mamas... always taking care of sweet t, serving lunch, cleaning, etc! love my beautiful nieces, kenley who is 4 and lala who is 3 1/2!!
 and the grand finale...
all seven blessings! can you believe how big they are??
i try not to take for granted the fact that our kids are all so close. they really are more like brothers and sisters than cousins, and i LOVE that!!
god is so good to us! <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

saturday fun

we finally got the kids new pool set up last weekend... and of course, they loved it!! seriously, best $25 ever spent! i can't wait to spend the next several saturdays soaking up the sun and swimming!
i mean, could they be ANY cuter? i just want to eat them up with a spoon!!

hats: check. boats: check. water guns: check. goggles: check. diving toys: check.
cute boys: CHECK CHECK!
an extra special part of the day... fun with my long lost bff!! most of you probably know that loni moved to hawaii last summer. it was soooo good to finally see her again! she came home for a visit and we got to hang out two saturdays in a row. i'm not gonna know what to do this saturday though when she's back in hawaii :( we went shopping last weekend, and had a blast at the outlets. this past saturday, she came over to enjoy our new kiddie pool. ;o)
 when they kids took their nap, we took over their pool. and water guns :) i love that no matter what's going on, or how long it's been since we've seen each other, we pick right back up and have such a good time.
 haha. notice our pop-ices that match our bathing suits! yes, we know. we are dorks. but supa cool dorks in tha baby pool. :)) love this girl!!
 we managed to get one decent pic when the boys woke up from their naps! they had fun with aunt nini, and loved their treats she brought back from the island! (however, the toys they are holding are their goodies from disney from their cousins, not hawaii!)
 wow... check out this post from last summer, right before loni moved. loni looked great then, like she always does! but i def am loving the new and improved, skinnier, longer haired me, this year vs. last year!! ha. it really was great seeing loni and hanging out with her. she was a busy little lady while in the states, acting like a politician... visiting tons of friends and kissing babies left and right!
btw... nate and i are planning a trip to visit loni and jake next may, and we are SOOO excited.
hawaii 2012, here we come!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2 words: FIRST ROW!!!

true story.
libby and i were hooked up.
with first row tix to see this guy.
zac brown?!?
ohhhh yeah. that's right!
up close.
and personal.
besties having a blast!
yes. that is me. about 10 feet away from zac! no, i'm not naked. it just appears that way.
zbb is so talented, down to earth, amazing, and puts on an incredible show!!!
me, rockin' my new dress i bought for the concert, and of course i had to wear my boots. :))
seriously. i can not even tell you how much fun we had. or how awesome the concert was, esp from the first row! i can't wait to go back next time they are in town, or maybe close to town. road trip anyone?? :) thanks to my uncle for the hook-up, and to josh and shannon too, for swapping seats with us! my first zbb experience could not have been better!!