Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lucas turns 3

lucas turns 3

lucas lucas lucas... my sweet, silly, stubborn, smart mouth, special, super, sometimes shy, strong willed, soft skinned, second born son. how can you already be 3 years old?! i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. i still get teary eyed thinking back and looking at pics of those newborn days. i should have known that when i got put on bedrest at 35 weeks pregnant with you, that your life would never be "by the book"! :) but you, my crazy boy, have brought so much joy to my life. you constantly make me laugh, well, sometimes you make me cry and cuss and lose my mind! ;) you are so stinkin' funny! you are smart as can be... part of that smartness comes from your determination to do anything and everything! you can get dressed without any help at all, button your shirts, zip your jackets, open the fridge, eat all by yourself, open the door to daddy's truck, buckle yourself in your carseat, ride a scooter like a champ, put together puzzles, say your prayers, sing every song under the sun, recite bible verses... the list goes on and on! you are ALL BOY! you get scrapes and boo boos and bruises all.the.time. you run everywhere, you jump and bounce and flip, i can't tell you how many times i am telling you to s l o w d o w n ! :)
you love to eat yogurt, mac n cheese, ckn nuggets, and pizza. you wake up asking for a snack! dora snacks, cheese and crackers... you are gonna eat me out of house and home! you are just like mama and you love some apple juice. :) you love drinking out of a big boy cup. oh my you are so independent! you are so loving... when you wanna be! you will come up to me and just shower me with kisses! you will kiss my feet, my legs, my arms... i love my kissy kissy boy! you love your bubba like crazy! ya'll are getting to the age where you love to aggrevate each other, but i guess that's just normal! i'm so thankful ya'll love each other as much as you do. it's so sweet to listen to ya'll play together. you are so creative... your imagination amazes me! you are a mama's boy, through and through! you get super jealous if i am holding your bubba. or if me and daddy are holding hands you say- mom, i don't want you to do that. please stop! you hate going to sleep at nite, you always get out of your bed multiple times. you try and see what all you can get away with! but once you get to sleep, you don't like to wake up! 4 out of 5 days a week, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. but once you get a snack, you are usually good to go! :) you still love your striped blanky... you sleep with it every nite. i think you'd take it with you absolutely everywhere we went if i would let you, but i won't! :) you are not potty trained... but ya know what? when you're ready, it will happen. and not a second sooner! how do i know? b/c i've tried! :) you are healthy... you weigh about 32 pounds. you have some major muscles.. you are one stout little guy! i think you are gonna be like an ultimate fighter when you grow up! 
i could write all day long about how awesome you are. we love you like crazy, and can't imagine our life without you!! praying that god continues to lead and guide us as we raise you... 
he knows we need all the help we can get! ;-) here's to the terrific threes luc luc!

happy 3rd birthday lucas james whitt... 
we love you to the moon and back!!

Never Once - our theme song for 2011

2011- my God is FAITHFUL

it's hard to believe another year has come and gone.
truthfully, i've never been happier to see one go.
2011 was by far the hardest year of our lives...
but i'm so very thankful that 
my god is faithful!
never once did we ever walk alone.
never once did he leave us on our own.
you are faithful,
god you are faithful.
i don't want to go into details at this time...
and i actually wanted to skip this post all together.
but as much fun as life would be
if we could skip over the hard times,
the sad times, and challenging times,
that's not reality.
so... this is a post celebrating
 that we made it through 2011
as a family!
because my god is faithful!

2nd and 4th birthdays and fun winter snow

circus silliness

super cute bubbas

rockin' girls beach trip!

classic easter pics... 

kickin' off the summer with front row seats to see zac brown!!

birthday bash for shannon's big 3-0

fun in the sun!

honduras 2011... such an awesome trip...

with unforgettable memories!

getting old... going to my 10 year high school reunion

we went through some trials in our marriage...
on our 7th anniversary we rededicated our wedding vows.

the new mr. and mrs. james nathan whitt :)

annual beach trip!

 pumpkin patch!

 trick or treatin' with our adorable little monsters!

thanksgiving cruise to mexico!!

love love love our family pics by page!

ET and thundercats christmas fun!

seven sweet cousins saying SANTA!

what a very merry christmas!

more family get togethers..

so yeah, this about sums it up...
our crazy beautiful life!

we are thankful.
to end 2011.
to start 2012.
to not look back,
unless we are sharing
how far god has brought us.
we are thankful
to be together as a family.
to have grown closer to the lord,
each other,
and our kids.
to know that
never once did we ever walk alone.
never once did he leave us on our own.
you are faithful,
for all these things and more,
we are thankful.

Monday, February 6, 2012

strength to stand!

nate and i have been helping a lot with our youth at church the past several months since we've been without a youth pastor. of course we usually help (even when we have a youth pastor) and nate always leads the worship... but we've stepped it up a notch lately. i've gotten to know so many of the teens better since the end of summer, and i'm grateful for the chance to learn with them, love on them, and live life with them! they are so fun, and they def keep me feeling young. well sometimes, they def make me feel old. haha!

we had the awesome chance to go to gatlinburg with the youth jan 14-16, for the strength to stand conference. it's put on by the scott dawson evangelistic association... basically there were 3 different speakers that we heard... then a huge concert including newsboys, rush of fools, kj52, the skit guys, and lecrae,. and each session we were privledged to be led in worship by the awesome kristian stanfill band! i heart them!!! they were absolutely incredible... i hear josh and shannon talk about kristian all the time, but never really knew much about him til this weekend. and what i found out is i LOVE his music, his heart, and his passion for christ. i can't wait til his new cd comes out... i've been wearing out his old one like nobody's business. seriously, i'm pretty sure the only 2 cd's i've listened to all month are kristian and newsboys!

we had an awesome group of people go with us... a total of 16 kids and 9 adults i believe. the kids were so well behaved... we had no issues at all, which was a huge blessing (and relief on our part) since we were kinda in charge! :) (sidenote: we got to see chris and lacy, our sweet friends and previous youth pastor, at the conference. it was sooo good to visit and catch up with them. little mama lacy was such a trooper.. going on this trip 35 weeks pregnant! not something i could have done!!) anyways... we had sessions on sat nite, sun morning, and then monday morning. b/w the sunday morning session and the concert that nite, we had some free time. we split up and headed into downtown gatlinburg. nate and i went with a group of the kids to the aquarium. it was so fun!! they had penguins!! they were so super cute! we will def have to go back soon and take our boys... the whole time i kept thinking of how much they would have loved it. (we went when i was pregnant with lucas but trace was just barely 2, so i know he doesn't remember much of it.) anyways, after we walked around town, we drove up into the mountains and saw some snow! i got out to take a pic with nate, but that was it! :-)

trying so hard to catch up on my blog... i could write so much about this trip. but for now, this is it. hope you enjoy our pics... again... can't tell you how much fun we had or how glad i am that we went.

Kristian Stanfill!

love him!!

waiting to go in to the session

i mean could she be any cuter?! love you haley!!

me and lacy!! it was SO good to see little mama there! she's always the cutest prego ever!

my girls!

pretty girls! taylor, amie, and abby

crazy dudes! tracy and nick

waiting for a session to start!

wow. just wow! D and jordan

it was awesome and the place was packed out!

nate and tracy... dancing! ;)

supa krazy kids!!

these guys are so hard core! :]

 walking around downtown gburg

 the theme... and the awesome shirts!

pretty girl and crazy boy!

todd homeschooling nate! ;)


josh being all official with his headset. securitayyy

oh she's a mess!

michael TATE! loved him!

this was absolutely insane... drummer dude was sideways!!

THEN he started spinning! it was the most awesomest thing i've ever seen at a concert!!! go newsboys!!!

these 2... so silly!

me and my love! :)

 oh yeah... we got pics made with kristian! what a super way to end a super weekend! :)