Tuesday, October 16, 2012

family pics

 what's a beach trip without family pics?! i'm so thankful my sis took her good camera... these days, i hardly ever remember mine b/c i always just use my iphone! anyways, i love love love the way they all turned out. enjoy :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

beach < school

gotta love a picnic on the bay for every meal!!

 lots of big smiles!

we had the chance to take another beach trip in early october... this time with family! shannon was already there for a conference, and secured us an amazing place that we've been blessed to stay at before! my parents took a few kiddos early in the week, then trace caught a ride down thursday nite with caden and uncle josh... that means he skipped school on friday! :) he thought that was pretty cool! nate and i drove up after we worked a half day friday. the weather on saturday was perfect... exactly how you want it if you only have 1 day at the beach! we stayed on the bay, so we also had fun fishing off the pier! def blessed to spend time with family in one of our most fav places!

 the big boys!

 let's go fishin'

 little kids...
 and big kids :))

and a few tears!

goodbye beautiful beach... until next time! ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


trace takes his lunch every day... we try and make it fun and he really likes that! :) this is not your ordinary pb&j :))

 trace absolutely loves school! he has learned so much already. it amazes me how he soaks up everything that he hears. he sings songs that teach him how to spell every color, he knows several sight words, and can spell out things and is learning to read! he is doing math like a champ, and telling me about history and science. mrs. ramsey is a great teacher, and i know she is fulfilling her calling... b/c it takes a special person to teach 18 five year olds! :)
 he is not usually a get right up and eat breakfast kinda kid, so it's been an adjustment! but he does so good... rarely ever wakes up cranky, and gets ready for school in time to catch the bus! now... when luc starts school, that will be a different story! ;)

 trace is full of tiger pride!! "let's go tigers" and "proud to be a springville tiger" is something we've heard a lot already! we went to one football game, it was homecoming... and springville played moody (nate's school!) the tigers got their booties kicked by the blue devils, but the kids loved the game!!
can't wait to see what the rest of the school year holds for trace! i'm thankful for such a smart boy... for a good school... a fantastic teacher and faculty... friends that have bonded with him... and the list goes on! it's hard to believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Monday, October 8, 2012

i can't even remember...

i can't even remember how to blog... how sad is that! life has been busy and i've been lazy. well, i just haven't made blogging a priority. which makes me sad b/c i'm sure i've already forgotten tons of things that have happened in the past few months. :( and not only have i not blogged, i haven't read friends blogs! what the heck is the world coming to? ha. so... in attempts to kind of play catch up, there will be some new blogs that i will back-date to make them sorta more accurate. and so looking back, it won't look like i was blogging about our october beach trip on christmas eve! :)) so get ready... you are about to be bombarded with whitt pics!!