Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trace Turns Thitch

 again... how in the heck is this boy already 6?! the year has flown by! trace wanted an angry birds cookie cake. so that's what he got! :D and he wanted to wear his angry birds t shirt for his party. again... he got it. we celebrated with just family over at meme's house. we don't really know a lot of kids in his class well enough to invite them to a party, and if you invite one you have to invite all. so anyways! we had lots of yummy pizza and snacks... and the cutest cake ever! it was so rich and delish, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. haha!!

 trace and connor... brothas from anotha motha!

ohhhh and photo cred goes to Lib... apparently i lost my trace's birthday album on fb. or deleted it. or never posted it. yikes! so i stole the bffs who takes even more pics than me, if you can believe that! :D

so a little about trace... he has lost a few teeth and man, he is the cutest snaggle tooth ever! seriously. he looks adorable and sounds even more adorable. when he turned six he was so excited... and we giggled everytime he said six b/c it sount more like thitch. ha!
trace is 43 pounds and 3'11'... only 4 pounds heavier, and 6 inches taller than Luc, who is 22 months younger! trace is healthy as can be... he must have the same metab i had at his age... b/c he eats. and eats. and eats. and hardly gains a pound. i mean seriously. he and his brother are going to eat me out of house and home! :)
trace is so sweet. good natured. smart! he is doing SO good in kindergarden... which will be another post. but i am so proud of him. still can't believe he is 6 and in school. but i guess that happens to all of them. they grow. without our permission!
trace is just like his daddy was at this age... LOVES some ninja turtles! goodness we have so many around our house i could sell them and make some good money. hmmm. good idea? ;) he is also like nate in the fact that he loves to draw. he is the best little artist. so creative. and everything has to be perfect for him. we are working to accept the little mistakes tho, to make his life easier!
he loves jesus. loves to read his bible. sing praise songs. he is a great big brother and cousin. he is such a blessing to us and we are so thankful god entrusted our sweet bubba to our care.
we love you trace car and can't wait to see the young man god wants you to be!