Monday, October 31, 2011

pumpkins, patches, and parties oh my!

*warning. tons of pics. they are cute. but there's a lot! :)

this year we went to the mathew's manor pumpkin patch...
i loved it b/c it is oh... about a mile from our house!

the kids jumped on jumpy things... rode the wagon to the pumpkin patch... and picked out the perfect pumpkins!

they were so funny... they were picky about which pumpkin they wanted! picky or not... they are so stinkin' cute!

ummm look at this sweet boy... he's so cute he gets more photos than anyone else on here! :-)

after the pumpkin patch... we made SMORES!!!! so yum! and messy.
wow... what a sticky pile of yummy goodness :))

fun times... so glad we were able to find a day that we could all go...
the tradition lives on another year!
sure wish the whitt's woulda thot to open a pumpkin patch in argo. that's all i'm gonna say...
well...  read b/w the lines... we'd be R.I.C.H.

i mean... seriously. i could eat him up. one bite at a time...
just like how Sweet T is gonna eat that big ol pumpkin... one bite at a time. ha!

family picture time!
whitt party of 5

whew... glad to say we are the whitt party of FOUR!!! ;-)
love this pic of us!

so that concludes the pumpkin patch portion of this post! :)

once we have our pumpkins... we get to have our annual pumpkin party and carve them! we had a huge spread of food this year... it was delish!!

so yeah... i'm such a big kid! i bought like 12 of these vampire teeth sets for like $1.50 at walmart... they were SUCH a huge hit with the kids, that i wanted in on the action too! we tried to make funny or scary faces in the pics.. i think they are all hilarious!! :)

carvin carvin carvin

the kids (and i) painted pumpkins this year... loved it! they are some good little artists!

trace- making pumpkin soup out of the pumpkin guts. ewww!
and luc... that boy's a multitasker like his mama! riding a bike, talkin on the phone, and holding the glow stick in his mouth.
yes i know those are toxic.. i will accept my mother of the year award momentarily ;)

nana came out to see our pumpkins... and i took a chance to get the kids pics made with her!
they love their nana... and she loves them!
not sure who loves who more!!

and our fav part... when it's all said and done... lining them up.

and lighting them! :)

we have some good carvers... love all the jack-o-lanterns!

we had so so so so much fun!

this year. the halloween festivities seem to be never ending...
so stay tuned for more....

who am i kidding? not sure anyone even reads my blog. but oh well.
it's really for a family scrapbook deal anyways, to remember all the fun times. you know, since the last time i scrapbooked was when trace was 6 weeks old.
yeah, i'd say i better stick to bloggin' if i want anything recorded! :))

Thursday, October 27, 2011

so handsome...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

sweet t


Friday, October 14, 2011


we've enjoyed the cooler weather
 gotten new pjs
 made super silly faces
 colored impressive jackolanterns, including drawing the face! super proud of my tracecar for this!
  had a date nite with my love at... chuy's! then coldstone!! yum!
 smiled a lot
 loved on daddy
 wore matching shirts (shocker)
 snuggled with mama while both of us were sick
loved on daddy more, from his mini me
said cheeeese!
 acted like a hott mess!
 and i leave you with a silly grandpa trace...

and steve erkle jr :-) did I do that?!? couldn't resist!
what have YOU been up to lately?!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

swimming + slides + splash pad = summer fun

we had the best time this summer staying cool. we soaked up the sun as much as possible...
at the beginning of summer, we spent lots of time in our little blow up pool at the house!

yeppp, even mama and loni got to enjoy it too :)

the kids were so spoiled by meme and gdaddy... they went to alabama adventure almost every friday! the whitt kids love some water slides!! seriously... i don't know how they did it with 7 kids... but they always had a blast. and noone ever got hurt, or lost. a few little sunburns, but hey- we'll take it!

some very generous friends from church let us swim a lot this summer. bitsy and poppi took the big kids almost weekly to mrs marsha's and mr tommy's pool. and a few weekends, mama and daddy got to take a time out from work and play as well! the kids were so brave... jumping off the diving boards and swimming in the deep end. they think they are so big!
 even sweet T stayed cool! popsicles were a fun treat this summer as well :)

grandaddy got a pool for his birthday this year :) the grandkids got lots of use out of it... and again, on sunday afternoons, when the kids napped, the parents got to float around and work on our tans some too!

 toward the end of summer, big springs park in springville opened their brand new splash pad! i took the kids and they loved it!! lucas was a little hesitant at first, but you can see it didn't take him long to follow trace's lead and explore the new park!

i love my water babies!! they love to play outside.. and in the heat of the summer, i can't stand to be outside, unless i'm in the water of course!

trace could have stayed forever by these fountains. LOVED it!

we will def look forward to going back to the splash pad next year!

so it's october now... i'm guessing our swimming days are over for this year.
no wait... only 49 more sleeps til our cruise... where i'm sure we will have lots of fun soaking up the sun, swimming in big pools and playing on waterslides!