Tuesday, April 17, 2012

eAsTeR at meme's

 my precious family <3

this melts my heart. my 3 biggest blessings!!

another wonderful easter celebration... filled with lots of food, fun, and fellowship. the eggs and baskets and bunnies are fun, but we know without the crucifixion and ressurection of jesus christ, easter would mean nothing! thankful... that HE IS RISEN INDEED!!

easter morning :)

seriously... could these boys get any cuter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
love love love them!

the BEST!

i know i've said it before, but i will say it again, and probably again and again. page dollar is the BEST!!! :) we recently had family pics made... they turned our fantastic! there's so many i want to share, but i will try and narrow it down to less than 83 :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

special day

i meant to post about this after trace's birthday, and i forgot. shocker! i had a huge meeting at work scheduled for march 2. well that day, storms rolled in and all the schools closed early. we had to postpone our meeting. :( the worst part, was we moved it to march 8... trace's birthday! i was kinda upset that i wouldn't get to see him much on his special day. even though we already had his pirate party with lucas in feb, it was his birthday. so we celebrated that morning by opening presents, then sent cupcakes to bible study. but the best part was when they got home, and lucas went down for a nap, trace got to go with poppi to the motorcycle museum!! my meeting was at barber motorsports and i thought hey, what better place to take a 5 year old boy on his birthday!! they rode in poppi's convertable... top down, shades on, music up, and bubble gum in his mouth! he thought he was hot stuff! nate met them up at the museum. i only got to see them for a few minutes, b/c my meeting craziness was about to start. but it really worked out great that the meeting was on his bday, b/c i got them in for free since i was already there! :)

happy birthday to my tracecar!

love love love him!


we took the boys for their 3 and 5 year checkups... i remember that last year i took the boys by myself, and it was a huge dramatic fiasco. well this year i made nate go with, and it was still, a huge dramatic fiasco! the boys were terrified of their shots. but they did good when dr miller was checking them out, so we are getting better! :) they are both healthy as can be. we are so thankful, and i know that i'm guilty of taking their health for granted all too often.
trace is 22 months older than lucas, and there's only a 6 pound and 6 inch difference in the boys! i think that's kinda crazy! but luc eats most everything in sight, while trace hardly eats anything, so it's not surprising! trace is just tall and skinny... like his mama used to be ;) and luc, he is built! pure muscle, just like his daddy! :))

5 yrs: 40 pounds, 44 inches tall. 45% for weight, 73% for height.
i'm super happy with that, b/c it's by far the highest  percentage that trace has been on for his weight!

3 yrs: 34 pounds and 38 inches. 70% for weight and 60% for height. such a goofball!
and almost as big as his bro, won't be long before he catches up, and probably passes him!!

potty time!!

well i've always said lucas would wear big boy underwear when HE wanted to, and not a minute sooner!! the past month he has been doing good, and wearing a diaper but still going to the potty a lot. well this is week two in big boy underwear! HOOOORAY!!!!! mama gets a (small) raise! :) i'm proud of him.. he has hardly had any accidents.. he still wears a diaper at bedtime but hey, i'll take that! here he is showing off his new cute undies! :)