Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sneak peek!!!

and the winner is......
so we were trying to find something really cute for trace to be for halloween... and i think we found the perfect costume ~ A SOCK MONKEY! is this the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?? i wanted something original, and i think this is pretty original. (not the typical monkey costume with the banana in it's hand.) the only thing is it's 100% polyester and my poor baby might burn up if the temps don't start dropping. hopefully it will be cooler by then and he can wear this costume. what do ya'll think??? should i keep it or start the search for something else???? i think it's the perfect thing for my lil monkey!!

always on the go!!! runnin' from his momma!

he didn't really like the hat, but oh well! it was cute for the 2 seconds that he kept it on!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Days!

4 Little Monkeys

we have been staying busy lately... nothing too exciting happening but i have a few new pics so i thought i could blog a little! i admire terri for taking pics of the 4 monkeys, i think she does it weekly just trying to get 1 good one! i love this pic b/c all the babies are smiling, except for lala who's eating a pretzel!! (i don't blame ya girl!) our babies are not really babies anymore, even laura grace will turn one in october! but then my baby lucas will be coming soon and rach's baby too! i can't wait!!! trace will be such a great big brother (and cousin!) see???

i served at a women's retreat: birmingham tres dias # 19, this past weekend. it was great to be around my sisters in christ and to see god move and change lives! just to get away and be at the camp with these cool temps was so nice. it was hard leaving trace though, i had not ever left him for 3 nites! but i survived... and luckily i took off work monday to rest and spend some time with my lil man! the weather has been so nice we decided to go to the park with caden and bitsy. the boys had a great time! i was quite tired after chasing trace around for 45 minutes but so far the exercise hasn't killed me :) we need to start going more because trace really loved the park. i even took baby lucas down his first slide! trace was in my lap and caden came down right behind us, it was so fun!!

just hiding under the picnic table at meme's!

well trace is officially a true A.W.A.N.A. (approved workmen are not ashamed) at church this year, he is in the youngest class called PUGGLES! how cute is that? i tried to take a pic of his little puggle t-shirt. but when he saw that i had the camera he sat right down on the floor and said "cheeeeeese!" how funny. maybe you can see the cute little guy on his shirt, if not, at least you can see my cute little guy! i love this boy!!!!

alos, thanks for praying for josiah! we stand in awe of the healing that has taken place so far and we continue to ask god for complete healing for this sweet boy. what a trooper he has been thru it all... check out the progress at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/josiahcarrier. until next time....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God's Healing Hand

Thanks to all who have prayed for little Josiah. He continues to improve each day. Here is a journal entry from earlier today...

Morning Mercies:
We had apple sauce, cheerios, and milk for breakfast. His left eye is open and he is sleeping peacefully while Janna rocks him.
Josiah is being transferred to the neurology floor. This is a HUGE praise; we will be able to be with him around the clock. His inner cranial pressure is still too high to clamp the drain, he is still running a slight fever, and they may take a culture from his spinal fluid to check for infection.

PRAISE GOD for his healing hand on Josiah. Yes, he still has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but God is so good! Please continue praying for this family when God lays them on your heart. The Caringbridge website is updated often so feel free to check it for more updates. To read the journal entries from Friday morning when the accident to now is so incredible. The best word I can use to describe the past few days in Josiah's life is MIRACULOUS!!! Also, please pray that God will allow little Josiah to speak. They haven't heard him talk yet and we are all praying they will hear his sweet little voice soon.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Josiah - Jehovah Heals

Friday morning Josiah (17 months) pulled the family TV on himself and suffered severe head trauma. He is the son of the Associate Pastor at Ridgecrest- Jason and Janna Carrier. Josiah has a twin brother and 2 older brothers. Please keep the entire family in your prayers. The Lord is doing amazing things through the life of Josiah Carrier and you can become involved in this "Miracle" - check out his caringbridge site for updates on his continued progress and pray! The doctors are amazed at his progress and we are able to see - Jehovah is his HEALER!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

tagged again...

So Page tagged me... list some advice and stuff for kids, but you have to use pictures as examples. Here are my words of wisdom:

Never sleep with stuffed animals, blankies, or anything that might suffocate you.

MILK, it does a body good!

Make sure your parents check your candy before you eat it.

Always treat your mom like the princess she is!

You are never too young to be someone's hero.

It is very dangerous to stand up in a rocking recliner...

NEVER EVER kiss your cousin!

You can grow up to be just like your Daddy!

Yes, you have to share the Easter eggs!

Take small bite so you do not choke.

You can't have your cake and eat it too!

You don't have to ride on the toy if you don't want!

You can't always HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

DO NOT play with guns or go to bars. They are very dangerous!

No matter what your mom says, dirt won't hurt!

Some things never go out of style!! (and it's perfectly ok to stay in your PJ's all day!)

Always follow directions!

Only use 1 crayon at a time! And never eat them :)

But remember........No matter what, I'll always love you!

Don't know if I followed the tag correctly, but it was fun anyways! I tag LAINE, b/c I know with 6 kids she has plenty of advice... I also tag JENN, b/c she takes more pics than I do and I can't wait to see them... and MEG... b/c she is a kindergarten teacher and I know she has some good ones!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

do you wanna know??

IT'S ANOTHER BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are so excited that trace will have a baby brother!! lucas james whitt is very healthy... he weighs about 9 oz and is 9 or 10 inches long!!! sooooo sweet, everything looks great on the ultrasound. PRAISE GOD!!! i will try and scan sonar pics soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008


we were so fortunate to take another weekend get-a-way trip to the beach... this time though, for free!!! long story short, it's just one of the perks for my bro in law teaching/coaching some rather wealthy kids with very gracious parents! thank you lord for this wonderful trip. the beach HOUSE, yes, i said HOUSE was incredible... it was 5 bedrooms, a formal dining room and den, a living room/library, work out room, bunk house, 2 story wrap around porch... and we had our own private pool which was so nice. the collage below is just a tease of house nice things were. wow, we hated to leave!!! it was our first time to grayton beach, fl... but hopefully not our last.
i'm telling you, this boy LOVES the beach (laine, i know how you must feel about your kids!) trace is not scared of anything, he ran strait into the ocean (and scared me to death!) he loved to dive in the sand, def not afraid to get down and dirty! he jumped off the edge of the pool and swam with just swimmies... he is getting so big!

bitsy and poppi, granny (dad's mom), josh and shannon, caden and lala all kept us company at the beach! the kids loved runing wild and just being together. they were so funny and def. kept us laughingwe went out to eat one nite (7 adults, 3 1/2 babies) and trace got to color. we don't let him color much at home... b/c he eats the crayons! here he is cracking me up b/c he has like 5 crayons in his hand at once!! love it!

my little guitar hero. the bunk house was perfect for the kids, furnished with video games, bunk beds, dvd's... what more could you want? and here trace is sporting his FSU jersey that we bought him before he was even born. can't believe he can finally wear it. i love the look on his face, i think he was in the middle of his jam session!

we try and make a point to take lots of pics... i've got that covered by now! but getting lots of good pics is not always easy. this is probably the best one of all 3 babies. it's not that good but it makes me laugh!

the whole crew (minus granny who was taking the pic. thanks, good job granny!!!)

so we always do family pics on the beach... when we got out there it was perfect timing, the sunset was gorgeous. josh was our photographer but for the first 10 minutes the camera lens was fogged up. boooo! so we had to rush and it was getting dark fast, but i still LOVE these!!!

trace was in rare form at the end of our photo shoot. i LOVE these pics of him and nate! i just hate the lighting is not better on some of these...

me and my angel boy!
lovely wind-blown hair!

gorgeous. only God could make something so beautiful!!

one of my favs!!! trace loves to pull up my shirt and see the "baby!"

we had such a wonderful trip but of course we hated to leave!!! we are already making plans to hopefully stay at this same place next year :) (come on josh, win those ball games so we can get the hook up again!!) HAHA!! oh, and nate says he doesn't wanna go back to gulf shores (b/c this place was sooo nice!), but i told him grayton beach isn't exactly the place that you rent a 2 b/r condo for 3 nites. haha!! i'll take any beach, any time!! again, we were so blessed to be able to take this trip with our family. hopefully next year meme and grandaddy can come, and rach, d, kenley and their new little one too!!! God is so good to us!!

oh, btw, tomorrow (sept 9) is the big day!!! we go for our sonar at 12:30 and i am sooo excited i don't know if i will be able to sleep tonite! if you think about it, just pray that this baby cooperates and we will know if it's haley or lucas!! :) of course, more importantly than that, we are praying to see a healthy baby. can't wait to get the sonar pics which i will post ASAP tomorrow afternoon/evening!!!