Friday, February 18, 2011

bubbles, baths, and boys... oh my!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

first visit to the ER...

so last thursday the weather was kinda crazy... a snow/sleet mixture started falling around lunch. and before we knew it, schools were dismissing early and tons of businesses in the area closed early too. both mine and nate's offices closed early (shocker!) and although nate was supposed to attend a work function later that nite, it got cancelled as well. (woo hoo!) so after a super slow hour and 20 minute drive home from work... i was so glad to finally be at the house with my 3 boys! we put on some comfy clothes, enjoyed dinner, and settled in for what i planned on being a nice relaxing nite! well guess what friends? things didn't go as planned. the boys were laying on our bed watching tv, while nate and i were catching up on some of our shows in the living room. and that's when i heard it... the scream heard round the world. the kind of scream where you hear a scream, then nothing for like 5 minutes before the next scream. you know the one. i rushed to our bedroom and saw lucas on the floor by the bed. i had no idea what had happened, only that he was trying to walk, but couldn't. i thought he had broken his leg or something b/c he wasn't walking. i was trying not to freak out! long story short... lucas wouldn't put weight on his foot. screamed when nate touched it and would not calm down. he kept saying "fall down. foot hurt." :(

so it didn't take long for us to call the grandparents and decide that our first trip to the ER was neccesary! trace was so sweet, trying to help us take care of lucas, and praying for him! but we decided it would be best if he didn't go with us, not really knowing what to expect. so after dropping trace off at my parents house, we headed to st vincents east (it was closest, and the weather was bad...) where we met nate's parents. with me trying not to freak out, lucas crying, icy roads and us having never been to the ER before, it was very comforting to see meme and g-daddy waiting on us when we pulled up! (side note- i'm pretty sure b/w nate, josh, and rachel, john and terri have seen their fair share of ER's! unlike my parents... i think i only went once when i was like 5!) but anyways, i def think it eased luc's fears as well to see sweet familiar faces!

holding his pecan twirls (meme let him pick his own snack from the machine and this is what he wanted!)

after x-rays and the whole nine yards, they decided nothing was broken. PTL! however his foot was pretty swollen and the dr said he had possibly strained some ligaments. so they wrapped it up with an ace bandage and sent us on our way! lucas was such a big boy... and for the most part was very cooperative. he didn't like the xrays, but he sat in my lap and i sang jesus loves me over, and over, and over! although he cried the whole time, he sat very still... and seriously, that's a miracle! i thought for sure they would have to call in help to restrain him! what a brave boy! oh, and i think this is worth mentioning as well... we got there at 8 pm and were walking out the door just before 10. so i'd say we were pretty fortunate to just spend 2 hrs in the ER! (i've heard horror stories of being there forever!)

sweet baby!

so it def wasn't the night we had planned, but we realize it could have been a whole lot worse! in reality, i knew it was only a matter of time before we had to take one of the boys to the ER! i'm sure we will be going again at some point, so at least next time we know the drill! :) but i'm hoping it's not a place we end up often!

he was so tired... the minute we got in the car he passed out! it was a long nite for little man!
the ace bandage lasted til friday morning, then he decided he wanted no part of it! he kept saying "take it off, take it off!" so we did!
lucas didn't put any weight on his foot until saturday nite. he got around just fine by crawling, walking on his knees, or scooting on his hiney! ;) that is... until rach and d kept the boys sat nite so nate and i could go out to dinner! when we got back to their house- guess who had been walking some? yep! uncle d convinced lucas to walk a little with the help of kenley! i was so proud of him... like he was walking for the first time! he didn't walk much, and i know it still hurt him, but i was so relieved to see he could put weight on it! (the dr had told us if he didn't walk on it by monday they needed to see him again! i was getting a lil worried!) then sunday after church, we headed to burger king to grab lunch and let the kids play for a little while. lucas kinda hobbled in, but the minute we took him to the play ground he forgot about his hurt foot and was back to full speed! hopping, jumping, sliding, running, like nothing was wrong! yay! he still has a little limp and it's still swollen and bruised a little... sometimes he will tell me "foot hurt" but for the most part, it's healing great! we are so thankful he is better, and not a bit surprised that our first visit to the ER was with lucas!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lucas turns TWO!

sweet, stubborn, special, social, sneaky, smart, silly, sassy, strong-willed, smiley, sometimes smelly, spoiled, super, second son.

those are just a few words that come to mind when i think about him.
but, i mean, seriously... could he be any cuter?!?

sunday, january 30th, we celebrated lucas' 2nd birthday. can i just say W.O.W. it does not seem like it has been 2 years since he was born. it has been a wild ride, that's for sure! but i wouldn't have it any other way. well, for the most part! :) sunday morning he loved opening his presents before church! then playing with them with his tongue stuck out, and carrying around all the gift bags! :)
opening his presents and loving every minute of it! (trace on the other hand, had a small meltdown when we wouldn't let him open his brothers presents by himself!)
 we had a small family party this year at the house after church. it was so fun having everyone over, and the mickey mouse party was a total success! the kids especially had a blast eating pizza, cupcakes, chips and dip, m&ms, drinking juice boxes, and of course, pulling every toy out of the toybox!
all the cousins lined up... eating their food and watching a duke basketball game! :)

having fun... other than lucas who had a few little whiny moments. but ya know, it's his party and he can cry if he wants to!

stopping to pose for a picture with the birthday boy!

i bet i heard "mickey mouse cupcake" fifty times b/w the time i baked and decorated them saturday and his party sunday after church. and when that glorious moment finally arrived when it was time to eat the cake, he LOVED every last bite of it! he didn't however, love us singing us happy birthday. in fact, i think he said "no sing." ha!

 L-O-V-E him!!
 though the party was small and simple, it was great! i struggled with having a close-family only party. but that's just what we decided to do. but no worries, trace will be 4 in a month and i am already planning his party! so you might just be seeing an invitation soon for him. ha!
we have the best family ever (yes, rob, ya'll are family too!) and had a great time celebrating lucas' birthday!

a few facts about lucas that i want to remember:

- he weighs about 25 pounds (i scheduled his 2 yr check-up with trace's 4 yr check-up in march. so i will know then his exact stats!)
- he is still in a size 4 diaper, and has been for over a year! we are going to hopefully work on starting to potty train him soon.
- he wears mostly 24 months clothes, and a size 7 shoe.
- he still LOVES his paci and blankie. he knows mama will give it to him when he asks, but 5 days a week when he's not with mama all day, he only has it for nap time! :o) we are working on that at home too! but he's still a baby. it's not like he will be 5 and sucking on it, or even 3 for that matter. so anywho!
- he has become SO vocal lately. i mean, he's always been super smart and talkative, but here lately it is crazy how much he talks! it is so fun to hear him make sentences. used to it was just phrases, but now he will practically carry on a convo with you! :)
- a few cute things he says A LOT are:
- wight dair (when you ask where something is, the answer is "right there". no matter what! so funny!)
- of course he will say "bless you mama" if i sneeze or "scuze you mama" if i ahem, burp. and if you know me, you know i can burp with the best of them! ;o)
- i LOVE when nate or i are putting him to bed, we tell him nite nite baby, and he repeats it "nite nite baby." same with "sweet dreams angel," and "i love you bubba!" so cute and funny to hear him call us baby, angel, and bubba!
- if anyone is crying, he will say "cwyin, what's wrong?" then if they stop he will say "it's all better!"
- he has picked up a few habits from his cousins and it's so funny. if he is in the other room and we call him, he will answer "yes?" and come running! he got that from lala! and if you ask him why he was screaming, he will try and blame it on someone else, like "caden." :) even if caden isn't in the room! and one day bitsy asked him why he was screaming and he simply said "because!" ha. he listens well and knows to say "because" when you don't know what else to say.
- he can sing jesus loves me all by himself, and parts of twinkle twinkle and a few other songs.
- he can say his a-b-c's and count from one - eweben (11)
- he loves taking a bath. and almost always gets in trouble for throwing a fit when it's time to get out!
- hide-n-seek is a new fav game of his! he will laugh so hard when we go around looking and saying- "is he in the closet? nope." and wherever he is hiding, he will say "nope" everytime we do! he also laughs and giggles from his hiding spot. so adorable!
- he loves mickey mouse (hence the theme of the party) as well as martha speaks and super why. he also likes dino dan and bubble guppies. and bibleman (thanks nae nae!)
- he is a picky eater, at least for me anyways. and lately he never wants to sit in his chair and eat, he wants to get up and just get bites of whatever anyone else is eating! he loves to share your food!
- so if you are eating or drinking something that he doesn't have, count on him coming up to you countless times and saying "i awnna bite" and "dink!"
- he takes an afternoon nap, some days it's only an hour, some days it's three! and he has been sleeping better at nite, but will still occasionally throw a fit in the middle of the nite
- he runs full speed ahead at all times. he constantly has bruises, bumps, and scratches on his head. he is just 100% B.O.Y.
- he loves his brother. i hear "where's bubba" all the time if trace isn't in the room with us. he also loves his cousins, ESP baby tim-o-fee!
- he is so stubborn and strong willed. that determination is really coming out lately. he wants to "do it myself" when it comes to getting dressed, putting shoes on, etc! i know it's a learning process, but it's also a testing-mama's-patience process too! ;o)
- his smile is AWESOME. seriously, it warms my heart. he has the best smile ever! it lights up a room.
- he loves going to church, and cries when we pass by and aren't actually going to church. (we pass it daily!) - he is a puggle in awana and i love that he is learning the stories and verses in the bible at such an early age! he loves to participate and thinks he is one of the big kids!

ok, i know there is so much more i could say about him, but these are some of the main things i wanted to remember!
i am hoping the twos aren't so terrible, and that we will have a wonderful year! :o)

dear lucas,
although you have given me several gray hairs in the past year especially, and lots of times made me question my sanity, i can not imagine life without you sweet lucas james! yes, you are strong-willed and as stubborn as they come. nana called that when you were only 3 days old and trying to hold your head up by yourself!  but you are such a precious gift from god, and we are so thankful that you are our son! it is our prayer that god uses your determination to do great things for his glory and that you come to know him as your personal lord and savior at an early age! you add so much to our family. your bubba trace loves you so much, and so do your mama and daddy! i love to see your smiling face every day and hear your precious voice say "i wub you mama." there's nothing better! sometimes you are more than i think i can handle, but i know what doesn't kill us will just make us stronger! ;o) we can't wait to see what this next year brings, and watch as you learn and experience life as a two year old. happy second birthday lucas james whitt! we love you to the moon and back sweet, beautiful, baby boy!!
mama and daddy

philippians 1:3 "every time i think of you, i thank god for you!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the greatest show on earth!

ladies and gentlemen... children of all ages...
the moment you've all been waiting for...
the whitt family experiences
 the greatest show on earth!

we L.O.V.E.D. the circus... everyone had an awesome time. it didn't start until 7:30 (yes, the time that lucas is normally in bed!) so i was def worried about him. we got there about 6 pm so that we could go to the pre-show. i will admit that was a little nuts... but once the show started, the kids were great. to watch the circus through the eyes of your children is amazing... their looks of awe, wonder, and excitement will not soon be forgotten! i can't believe all 4 kiddos stayed awake the whole time. yes, even lucas! hope you enjoy the pics...  
silly glasses!
the elephants were DEF a fav... esp with lucas. 5 days after the circus, he still says randomly throughout the day- i wanna see elephants! :)
so at one point, nate felt a little like blowing his head off. don't worry, we didn't have a real gun ;)

trace would have probably been JUST fine in a dark room at home with his glow up sword. i feel sorry for the guy in front of us, who probably wanted to beat my child with that sword before the circus was over. i think trace came close to cutting his head off a few times when he got carried away swinging it. ha!
the clowns were actually pretty funny this year. even us adults were laughing at them!
lucas was pretty impressed with the cotton candy that mama scored at the dollar store ;) he even shared some with bitsy!
speaking of clowns... yeah. the picture says it all!
ooohhh, i always love the lions and tigers! i still see them as big ol harmless kitty cats! guess that's cuz i'm not in the ring with them, huh!?!

 a fantastic time was had by all. so glad bitsy could come and enjoy it with us... hate the others missed out, but maybe next year!

and i'm pretty sure these next 2 pics say it all... remember the look of pure excitement i was talking about? here it is folks... doesn't get any better than this!