Friday, June 20, 2008

15 months...

i can't believe my bubba is 15 months old! meme took trace for his 15 month check up yesterday. he is getting so big. he weighs 21 lbs 12 oz and is 31 1/2 in long. he got a great report... the only thing we have to work on is getting trace to drink milk from a sippy cup. we took him off the bottle about a month ago, which means he hasn't had milk in a month. my child is so stubborn... i know, look at his parents - right? trace thinks milk comes in a bottle and juice is in a sippy cup. he gets sooo mad when i give him a sippy cup of milk. he will take 1 sip and once he realizes that it's milk, he usually lets it drip out of his mouth. so we are on a mission. pray that he decides milk from a sippy cup tastes ok afterall. but honestly, he is his mama's boy. b/c i HATE milk. i will drink chocolate milk, and i might have a glass of ice cold milk with hot chocolate chip cookies, but that's it. i don't even like milk in my cereal. so i can say i know where trace gets it from. but he used to like milk when it came from a bottle so i don't know what the real issue is, other than stubborness! we've tried all kinds of sippy cups under the sun, and we've tried warming his milk and keeping it cold. trace is just not giving in! hmmm. so that's the only concern our dr has. we will overcome this problem one way or another.
other than that our family is doing good. i guess i'm doing good anyways. i had to have a tooth pulled on wednesday so i am still trying to recover... i just hope it heals ok and doesn't get any infection. yuk. let's not talk about that! and i'm having some morning sickness, except it's not only in the morning and i never actually get sick. i just feel so ugghh all day. like i'm hungry but can't find anything that i want to eat. hopefully these next few weeks will get better! i don't want to complain b/c i am very thankful of the new life god has given us. but i just wish i felt a little better!
well, we have a full weekend with 2 birthday parties and a baby shower saturday. and getting together with good friends tonite and sunday. so maybe this mama can find time to rest at some point!!
here are some recent pics of trace and his fun cousins. enjoy.

this is how kenley eats an oreo cookie :)

laura grace is just a doll!

caden's pouting - this face cracks me up!

and my happy boy loves to eat (and drink his JUICE!)

"sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." psalm 127:3

Monday, June 16, 2008


not the best picture... but hey, trace's shirt says it all :) yep, we are having another baby... went to the dr today and saw baby and heartbeat - PRAISE GOD! we are 6 wks & 1 day pregnant due february 8, 2009. we could not be more excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

gatlinburg 2008

we had a blast in gatlinburg! after a long trip friday we finally got to the ramada inn. we had fun swimming and then went to eat mexican! friday josh woke up and couldn't breathe so he and shannon went to the e.r. and hospital where they found out he had strep and mono and will need to have his tonsils out asap! he got some good meds and felt better soon. he was a trooper! then some of us went to bubba gumps to eat and then walk around town. it was fun but so stinkin hot! this mama can't take the heat :) we went to a steakhouse for dinner then we may have swam some more! saturday we took the babies to get the old tyme photos taken - so cute. then the adults went to the outlets while meme and g-daddy braved it out with the 4 tired kiddos at the hotel. trace and caden made build-a-bears, well, trace made a monkey and caden a dinosaur! then we went to dixie stampede that nite and it was sooo fun! i've never seen so much food on my plate. i cheated and used trace's plastic baby fork and spoon to eat my food :) after a pretty good nite's sleep, we woke up sunday and packed the van. then we walked to the aquarium. the kids (and adults!) loved it. we walked back thru town one last time and then it was back to argo. we had so much fun... ate too much, but walked (and sweated!) a lot of those calories off! we are so thankful that meme and grandaddy asked us to go. it was a much needed vacation full of fun and we made lots of great memories. i took over 400 pics which i'm sure ya'll dont' care to see... so here are a few collages. i'm new at the collage things so hopefully you can get the idea...

crazy kiddos!

fun at the aquarium!!

the bunch from the wild west!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

trace goes swimmin'

We got this little pool and it's exactly Trace's size! He had lots of fun splashing... with noone telling him STOP SPLASHING (like when he's in the bath-tub!) I love summer time but it hardly means anything when you aren't in school or have kids in school. Working full time doesn't give us much time for the pool, but we will definitely take advantage of our weekends and all this beautiful sunshine! We leave for Gatlinburg Thursday and we are so excited. I will have lots to tell when we get back!
PS- YAY ME! i loaded a video at the bottom :)

Here's Trace enjoying his mini pool!