Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st Day of School!

 This was at Meet the Teacher... the first time Trace got to see his classroom! He went right to his little chair where his name was. and LOVED it!
 I could not be more happy with his teacher... Mrs. Ramsey! We have been friends since 8th grade! We ran track together, had sleepovers, so much fun in high school. who would imagine that 11 years later, she'd be my son's K-5 teacher?! I love how God works all things together... even the seemingly small things! And Michelle, I mean, Mrs. Ramsey, actually just had a baby! So Trace has a sub, Mrs. McWhorter, for the first month or so of class, then Mrs. Ramsey will be his teacher. I don't blame her a bit for wanting those sweet days with her tiny precious Olivia! 

 A poem my sweet (teacher) friend gave me... of course it made me cry!
 This boy... so ready for school!! He was so excited, and even let me take tons of pics! YAY! :-)
 all Batman'd out and ready for school!

 Sweet Boy! When did he grow up? I love leaving him notes in his lunchbox! He said he wants to take his lunch every single day. guess we'll see how that goes!
 absolute coolest nap mat EVER! nate is so talented and Trace was beyond ecstatic when Daddy was through decorating his nap mat!!
 loving on my baby... loves when he curls up beside me and tells me all about his day!!!

 It seems like Trace has learned so much overnight! In just a few short weeks, he has learned his numbers, colors, recognizing letters, knowing what sounds make what letters, and so much more!! he's just doing SO good!
His first project... I am so proud of him!! I videoed him explaining his poster, and i will try and post it. well how bout this... just go here and watch it! :)
hope that works...

 oooh, and not to be outdone by his big bro... lucas got a special sign too~ first day of 3K! friends always ask where he's in 3K, and my answer is Bitsy and Meme's daycare! I'm so thankful that our parents lovingly and graciously keep the kids that aren't old enough for school yet. can't believe in just 2 short years we'll be capturing Luc's first day of 5K!
 silly goose! here's a little video of him... he's such a nut!
seriously... i could not be more proud of both of these boys! we are pretty adjusted to our new routines for the most part... but still trying to perfect getting out the door and getting everyone where they need to be on time! ;) so far, so good!
i'm so thankful for an easy transition.... honestly i was worried that trace wouldn't like his class, or being gone for so long, or riding the bus... but so far, it's all been so smooth!
i am praying for trace to let his little light shine at school this year!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

before school beach bash!

 school was supposed to start august 8. but at the end of may, alabama made a new law that kids couldn't start back any earlier than august 20. so, we planned a last minute beach trip before trace started school! he was sad that he didn't go to hawaii with us (boo hoo!) ;) and so i'm always loving an excuse to go to the beach! we went to PCB and had a great little trip. the weather was not so good... red flags every day, and a double red flag the day before we left! of course, the day we had to check out, it was finally gorgeous! but we still had a good time... played on the beach some, swam, shopped, and ate! :) rob, amy, and jack came down the last 2 nites... it was jack's first time ever at the beach! he had a great time, and i loved to hear him talk about all the excitement that a first beach trip brings! the boys were crazy and silly the whole time, but it was so fun for them! even though i didn't get to layout near as much as i like to, we were able to relax and so it was still fun!!
 the boys slept in a bunk bed together and oh my word... look what i found when i went to check on them one night before i went to bed. MELT.MY.HEART.

 eating at sharky's... can we say silly boys?!?

 we waited almost too late to take family pics, but we snapped a few before the sun went down!

 love my sweet family!!

 water gun fight!!

 yay for friends at the beach! :)

 i was SO super impressed with how good my boys were swimming... of course they had gone at least twice a week with the grandparents during the summer, but i was still surprised with their swimming skills! luc isn't scared of anything... i bet next year he won't even need floaties! and trace, wow! that boys jumped into the pool and swam ALL the way to the other side. it was amazing to me! maybe we have the next phelps/lochte on our hands?!? ;)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach... as always, another fun trip with the family is in the books! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

June/July Update

hello? is anyone there? i can't hear you.
so that's probably what you might be thinking if you've gone to my blog in hopes of a new post lately. where has time gone? i was so late in posting about our amazing hawaii trip that i just felt like i couldn't ever catch up. so that's what this is... look at the pics and guess the story behind it! ;)
we had a fun visit from loni... it was SO good to see her again, and it really sucked when she went home, b/c i was so used to seeing her the past month. :( but we had a lot of fun when we hung out, and she got to see the crazies (kids) and so that was cool!
 a couple of fun date nites... nate and i went to the lady A concert at oak mountain... it was super fun and an amazing concert! had a gret time!

 my cousins and their babies from out of state came to visit, and we were able to get all 7 of nana's great grands together for the first time ever! ages from about 20 months to 6 years. and only one sweet girl in the group. it's a wild bunch but we love them! so thankful for our amazing nana!!

 summer fun!! hanging out with cousins in the sprinkler, pool, and water slides kept us busy this summer!!

 my poor bubba got a really bad black eye... he was riding his bike at bisty's and crashed into her tahoe, which resulted in his eye meeting the handlebars :/

 we loved watching the olympics this summer... the boys were pretending to be swimmers here! :)

 boys will be boys... and my boys sure LOVE a sword...
 cool treats helped us survive the supa hot days of summer!

so yeah... stay tuned for the next catch up post... i promise it won't take 2 months!!! :)