Monday, January 21, 2008


on thursday trace went to see mrs. debbie for his FIRST HAIRCUT!!!! i thought he would be scared, but he wasn't! he sat in my lap and was such a big boy!!! i'm so proud :) btw, he has this cowlick in the front... it's so cute. i'm sure you've noticed it in the other pics, right? and he has this rooster tail thing (cowlick) in the back that likes to stand up too. that's ok... they're cute! and they add to his wonderful, charming, sweet, handsome personality!!!

I'm so big now!!

Mr. Personality!!

showing off my new do!!

so not only did trace get his first haircut, he got to see his first SNOW on saturday!!! yay :) although i woke up and saw no snow on the ground, a few hours later it started to cover the yard! once it stopped snowing we bundled trace up and took him outside to see what the fuss was all about! bitsy brought over a sled and insisted we use it, at least to get a few pics!! then we let trace crawl around in the snow, and play with a few snowballs! the last thing we did was make a snow angel on the car! it was so much fun. well, to trace it was probably just wet and cold. but to his mommy and daddy, it was a day to remember!! we must have worn him out, because he took a 3 hour nap after playing so hard in the snow!!

Trace's 1st Snow!!
wheeeeeee!!! sledding down the hill!
is this snow mommy?

my snow baby angel!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

be still...

and know that I AM GOD!! wow, GOD IS GOOD. sometimes i find myself so overwhelmed that i forget to notice the "small things." the other nite i was in the kitchen trying to do dishes. trace wanted to be all up in my space, and i kept tripping over him or stepping on his little hands. so i saw the closest thing to me, which was nate's guitar case. i thought, this will distract him for a while... all the shiny stickers, surely they will keep him entertained so i can do the dishes. and it did the trick! trace crawled up and down the case, in it, out of it, everywhere. it was so cute. so i got busy watching him and decided the dishes could wait til later. then nate comes in and gets his guitar out and starts playing it. he was singing "holy is the lord" and " glorious", 2 really great praise and worship songs. the whole while trace was just so curious with nate's guitar (and case!) when he hears his daddy playing it is like his whole world just stops. trace gets in a daze and is totally focused on his daddy. it was the sweetest thing. i just wanted to cry! nate probably didn't realize what was going on, to him he was just having a little jam session. but to me, it was my 2 boys. praising god with everything they had in them. in the kitchen floor!! the dirty, messy kitchen, with dishes piled in the sink. it makes me wanna cry just thinking about how sweet it was. the whole time i just kept thinking, is this real? is this my life, god? are these the 2 most favorite, precious boys in my life? yep, he said. this is real. this is your life. these are the blessings i have given you.
wow, it hit me so hard. so next time you are trying to clean, and your sweet baby wants your attention, give it to him. stop doing the dishes, b/c i can guarantee you, they can wait. and they aren't near as important as that sweet moment, which started for me as just trying to distract trace. i know i am kinda rambling, but maybe you were able to get something from this post. if it didn't speak to you, that's ok. you can still share in the sweet pics... and if i can figure out how to post the videos later, then i will.


Monday, January 14, 2008

some things will never change!

new year, but same great baby!

and same great smile! love this sweet angel boy!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

baby's first christmas!


"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Luke 2:14
finally! trace's first christmas could not have been better. take a look and you'll see that he really racked up! it's because he has been such a good boy! =) the only thing that wasn't "picture perfect" is trace and i were sick... we both have been battling a head cold and cough for about 3 weeks. trace got some medicine and is finally feeling better. mommy, on the other hand, went thru 7 days of antibiotics and is still sick. ok back to christmas. we had a fun day, but it was so busy... we did presents at meme and g-daddy's christmas eve, then a candlelight communion service at church. christmas morning we woke up to see that santa had come to visit! then we went to bitsy and poppi's and had brunch and opened more presents, then we were off to huntsville for the evening. long day but lots of fun! we continue to be blessed each and every day. nate and i are very excited to start 2008 and see what god has in store for our family! praise the lord for blessing us beyond measure!

who's gonna clean up this MESS???