Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bumblebee, baby food, and monsters?

i know i haven't been updating about anything too exciting lately... we are just staying busy, but mainly doing the same ol same ol. that's ok though, it's our life. right? who needs exciting when you have trace and lucas? they make everything exciting- ha! they are so cute these days. well, most of the time! trace has just grown up overnite it seems! he is so big... half the things he says and does i'm like, woah, where'd he get that from!?! most of the time it's a good woah! but sometimes, not so good!

like the other morning.... trace was wearing his bumblebee shirt. (the yellow transformer bumblebee.) and we were on the way to meme's house. he kept saying "thank you mama for my bumblebee shirt. i love it. it's so cool." he was just being so sweet. well the next thing that came out of his mouth wasn't so sweet... he said, "mama, i get to PUNCH!" i was like, "what, you get to punch???" he said- "yeah, i'm gonna punch caden whitt in the face!!!" i was like, "no sir, you will not punch caden whitt." he said, "ok, i'm gonna punch meme in the face!" again, "no trace, we don't ever punch people, especially not in the face!! or we will get a spanking." "but mama, i don't wanna get a spankin." "ok then, let's not punch people! "

so apparently trace was so excited about bumblebee he thought it'd be ok to punch people. come to find out, he did try and punch his brother later at meme's. and he did get in trouble for it. i hope this punching thing is not a trend!!! goes to show that trace is definitely ALL BOY. bumblebee transformers, punches, and all!

another thing to show he is all boy are the scratches, bruises, bug-bites, and bumps all over his body! that boy is constantly on the go. he runs as fast as he can thruout the house... he mostly has one speed, and that speed is high speed! several people have told me, he's just a little boy, you better get used to it. but it's still hard for me to get used to! he loves to jump off the couch at meme's house with his cousins, or the picnic table, or whatever he can climb on! they play outside, climb trees, play in the bushes... again, just a typical 2 yr old boy!

and lucas... well, he's not quite into all that dangerous boy stuff yet. :) he fills his day in the jump-a-roo (he LOVES to jump!) or in the exersaucer. or playing in the floor with his toys. or being held :) and he rolls. he rolls everywhere. he isn't crawling yet, but when he is laying on his tummy, he can scoot and push forward using his knees and he definitely gets somewhere! his balance is improving... he can sit up on his own for a few seconds at a time, ecspecially when he has a big toy in front of him. he is really starting to enjoy toys more, ones that light up or talk or basically, the loud and annoying ones. ha. and his other favorite toy that's not quite a toy is my hair! he LOVES my hair... he will run his sticky little chubby fingers through it and then YANK as hard as he can. and he is just too darn cute to say no too :) yes, i spoil him rotten. but he's my baby!! so i have that right! he will be all grown up like trace before i know it! lucas is almost 7 months old. that is really hard for me to believe! seems like just yesterday i found out i was pregnant with him!

he is eating a lot these days... he still drinks formula in his bottle, but we realized he knows what to do with a sippy cup too! trace likes to share with his bubba. so one day lucas got ahold of trace's cup, and the next thing i knew he was making a crazy face and dribbling juice down his chin! we've given him water a few times in a cup and he seems to kinda like it. he is on stage 2 baby food and loves it! for the most part, i like feeding it to him. but he thinks it is cute to blow bubbles when he has a mouthful of carrots. not so cute if you ask me! one thing i will not be feeding him again is chicken and broccoli. oh my, that is the stinkiest, nastiest stuff ever. i almost gagged the ONE time i fed it to him. that's right, he won't be getting it again from me. yuck-o! funny thing is, he ate every bite. but i just couldn't stand the smell! he also has had a few biter biscuits. the problem with those are his teeth are SUPER sharp and he bites off huge chunks of the cracker after knawing on it for a few minutes. and i'm afraid he's gonna choke! so we've replaced those with puffs... which he will eat a few of, even though he's not so sure about them. they kinda get stuck on the back of his tongue, and he can't get them out! it's funny. and he only has his 2 bottom front teeth but i think he'll have a few up top pretty soon, if the drooling, crankyness, and high pitched screaming is any indication :) that lucas, boy he can squeal and scream higher and LOUDER than any kid i've ever known. girls included. seriously, his vocal cords get a good warm up daily!!

the boys still love each other so much. trace loves to talk to lucas, make him laugh, tickle him, etc. but sometimes he forgets that lucas is a baby... b/c i think i probably tell him at least 10 times a day, "be easy with your brother!" a lot of times, lucas will be happy playing in his saucer... and the next thing ya know, he's screaming his head off. and then you see trace running from the room saying, "i didn't do it!" yeah right!! they are my sweet little monsters though and i couldn't love them more!

speaking of little monsters... i got the boys MATCHING halloween costumes this year. i figured it might be the only year i can get away with it! they are gonna be yep, little monsters! i got the costumes from children's place... we've tried trace's on him and it's precious! lucas has tried on the hat and so far, so good! other than the fact that he pulled it off the minute i put it on his head! and yes, i know it's 2 months away, but i get excited about these things. and i didn't want all the good ones to be gone! and also, i bought them last weekend. you know, when it felt like FALL outside... ahhh, what beautiful weather we have been having. so i kinda thought it was october for a minute, until i looked at the calendar :) oh, and just so ya know, i think it's fun to dress the boys up and trick or treat to the neighbors house, but we don't really "celebrate" halloween. the boys don't know the real meaning behind it, and that is definitely not what we celebrate. we will go to the fall festival at the church, and then on halloween we have a tradition of hanging out with the whole fam and cooking chili. it's fun and i can't wait to show you my boys in their outfits. ya might even get a sneak peak. we'll see!

ok. so i wasn't really gonna say much on this blog, b/c i didn't feel like i had much to say. guess i was wrong! ha. to wrap it up, here are just a few pics from the last week... enjoy!

cousin-ly love! i love how our kids are all so close... and they each have a best buddy to play with. caden has trace, kenley has lala, and lucas has mason! i love this picture above. the looks on all their faces spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E!! sure wish i knew what was going on inside their little minds. well, maybe i don't wanna know after all :)
and this picture just cracks me up! look at my laughing lucas... i guess that boy is gonna be funny, just like his daddy! mason is probably thinkin, dude, it's not THAT funny!

wow. i just wish my boys were happier. JUST KIDDING!!!! i am so thankful that they are almost always smiling! no matter what kind of day i am having, or what may seem to be going on in my life, i can always look at them and smile. god is so good to us! i am so thankful for our 2 healthy, happy, huggable handsome boys!

so i took this last pic on my cell phone, BEFORE lucas managed to pull off his monster hat! i know it is very fuzzy, and it was dark so i had to lighten it. so don't look at the quality of the picture, just the cute lil monster! you'll get to see the full costume later :)

hope you have a great week. thanks for seeing what we've been up to lately!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wordless wednesday

my sweet niece kenley ~ 2 1/2 yrs
my chunker nephew mason ~ 5 months

my crazy nephew caden ~ 3 yrs

my adorable niece laura grace ~ 22 months

my laughing lucas~ 6 months

my handsome trace car~ 2 1/2 yrs

Isaiah 29:23
"For when they see their many children and all the blessings I have given them, they will recognize the holiness of the Holy One of Israel.They will stand in awe of the God of Jacob. "

Sunday, August 9, 2009

here lately

here lately, i don't feel much like writing a lot. so just look at the pics and read the captions. that will kinda tell you what's been going on with us lately! :)

silly silly boys!! this was trace's first sleepover! caden spent the night with trace and they slept in the new racecar bed! caden was super impressed with trace's big boy bed. he said "jj, i can't believe you have this racecar bed in your house. it is SO cool!!!" sweet boys! nate is reading them a bedtime story. "go dog go" is one of trace's favorite books!
and lucas... he eats a biter biscuit for the first time! and LOVED it. he was a big-o mess after it was all said and done. but man, isn't he a CUTE mess??
my bff loni had us over to eat at her house... i am a very picky eater (if you didn't already know that!) and she likes to grow and cook her own veggies... i hated to disappoint her and and jake. but nate and i are on the more cautious side when it comes to food! so she fixed yummy spaghetti, italian quesadillas, fried okra, and get this, zuchinni sticks! yes, i ate zuchinni. i can't figure out how to spell it, but i ate it! HA. they were dipped in ritz crackers so that kind of disguised the taste! but i was very proud of myself for even trying them!
loni and jake don't have kids. YET. perhaps they will wait awhile, it's possible trace and lucas were good birth control. just sayin! trace loved to play the drums and guitar that goes with the wii games. when i say LOVE, i mean LOVE :) and lucas... well. he had his first little experience of rolling off the couch. and when i mean off, i mean OFF! but he only cried for a few minutes and seemed alright afterwards. ahhh, he is getting too mobile these days!!!

and speaking of cute. oh wait, we weren't? :) well this little guy is pretty darn cute these days!!! his smile is as big as ever! and his new fav thing to do... chew on things. whether it's his fingers or toes, he doesn't mind. heck, he'll even chew on your fingers and toes if you let him!

sweet sweet boy. he has my heart for sure!!

daddy's little mini-me!
some say he even looks like me. whatcha think??

i think he is just too cute for words. period!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


baby stellan is HOME!!!! god touched his little body and spared his life. basically, last week it was not looking good at all, and they didn't know if stellan would live. he was in heart failure and in SVT with his heart beating over 240 bpm for over 3 days strait. it looked like another heart ablation in boston would be a MUST. but people prayed, and god heard our cries. there were several issues getting stellan to boston, insurance, beds ready at the hospital, etc. and at the time i'm sure everyone was like WHAT'S THE HOLD UP PEOPLE? this boy is sick! BUT during that time, stellan stabalized and his heart went back into normal sinus rythym. AND god showed the drs something new with stellan's body and meds. they were finally able to come up with a new regimen of drugs to help stellan's heart. and after a few days, they were able to wean him off all the IV meds and switch them to oral meds. and stellan is tolerating it GREAT! he is doing so well that the dr released him yesterday from the hospital. PTL!!! they hope these meds will hold his SVT at bay for a while longer, and that stellan will continue to grow and thrive at home, in a more relaxed environment. i don't know how his mom and dad got through last week, other than fellow believers lifting them up in prayer! god is faithful and he def performed a MIRACLE in STELLAN!! please continue to pray for stellan, his family, and the drs. i know the family appreciates all the prayer. i just want to give god ALL THE GLORY for saving stellan!!!