Thursday, April 4, 2013

easter morning!

a few pics of previous Easter Sundays... these boys have grown and changed so much! i love easter and as you can see... i love matching or at least color coordinating outfits ;)
Trace 2008
Lucas 2010

Easter 2011

the best easter photo EVERRRRRRR 2011

don't you love looking back and taking a stroll down memory lane? i sure do! :)
onto this year... easter morning 2013.
the pics speak for themselves...

how precious are these boys? and their outfits... they're pretty cute too, aren't they?? found them on clearance... at old navy, of course! :) no i do not get paid to advertise for them. but i should.

anyways. back to the subject at hand. i can't believe how growny the boys look. they don't just look all growny, they act it too! goodness they are too big!!