Tuesday, October 23, 2007

my little pumpkin!

Who knew The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch could be so much fun??? Saturday the 3 oldest grandbabies (that is so weird that Trace is not the baby anymore in the family. anyways!) along with me, G-Daddy, and Meme took a road trip to Clanton. And we had the best time!!! I was kinda worried before we got there, because Trace was so sleepy and fussy in the car. I just knew he would be ill and ready to go the minute we got there. NOT SO!!!!! Trace enjoyed every minute of the pumpkin patch... from the tractor pull to the covered wagon ride to pick our pumpkin, to the numerous poses with the scarecrows and pumpkins, he was SUCH a trooper! I am so proud of my little pumpkin. He absolutely LOVED the hay! So if there was hay, Trace was happy!! Kenley and Caden didn't like the hay quite as much as Trace, but I think they still had fun! Caden kept saying "ball" and trying to pick up the pumpkins! He thinks anything remotely round is a ball (pumpkin, cantaloupe, all sorts of things are balls to him!) And Kenley just wanted to know what the fuss was all about! All in all, it was a great day. It was actually a last minute decision for me to go, because I was supposed to have Inventory at work all day, but we got thru Friday nite and didn't have to go back Saturday! God is Good, All the Time. What a sweet blessing to have such beautiful weather and go to the pumpkin patch with the sweetest little pumpkins ever!! Thanks Meme and G-Daddy for letting me tag alone :) Hope ya'll enjoy the pics! I took almost 200, but figured no one would take the time to look at that many. So here's just a few of my favorites!!


Dollar General said...

Excuse me but where is Kenley's bow? I almost didn't recognize her!! I can't believe how big they are ALL getting! It's amazing how big they seem when a newbie comes along! Looks so much fun!

The "ball" thing has nothing to do with how fanatical his dad is about sports does it?!?

Love you!!

meme said...

what sweet little angel babies! i have the best. and next year la la will get to go.

The Spahn Family said...

It looks like everybody had a blast!

The Ferrill's said...

What fun at the patch! And some really cute pumpkings too!