Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Days!

4 Little Monkeys

we have been staying busy lately... nothing too exciting happening but i have a few new pics so i thought i could blog a little! i admire terri for taking pics of the 4 monkeys, i think she does it weekly just trying to get 1 good one! i love this pic b/c all the babies are smiling, except for lala who's eating a pretzel!! (i don't blame ya girl!) our babies are not really babies anymore, even laura grace will turn one in october! but then my baby lucas will be coming soon and rach's baby too! i can't wait!!! trace will be such a great big brother (and cousin!) see???

i served at a women's retreat: birmingham tres dias # 19, this past weekend. it was great to be around my sisters in christ and to see god move and change lives! just to get away and be at the camp with these cool temps was so nice. it was hard leaving trace though, i had not ever left him for 3 nites! but i survived... and luckily i took off work monday to rest and spend some time with my lil man! the weather has been so nice we decided to go to the park with caden and bitsy. the boys had a great time! i was quite tired after chasing trace around for 45 minutes but so far the exercise hasn't killed me :) we need to start going more because trace really loved the park. i even took baby lucas down his first slide! trace was in my lap and caden came down right behind us, it was so fun!!

just hiding under the picnic table at meme's!

well trace is officially a true A.W.A.N.A. (approved workmen are not ashamed) at church this year, he is in the youngest class called PUGGLES! how cute is that? i tried to take a pic of his little puggle t-shirt. but when he saw that i had the camera he sat right down on the floor and said "cheeeeeese!" how funny. maybe you can see the cute little guy on his shirt, if not, at least you can see my cute little guy! i love this boy!!!!

alos, thanks for praying for josiah! we stand in awe of the healing that has taken place so far and we continue to ask god for complete healing for this sweet boy. what a trooper he has been thru it all... check out the progress at until next time....


The Ferrill's said...

Jamie I love your blog look! Yellow is my favorite color!
What a great post! I'm so glad your Tres Dias weekend went well...and you're getting some good down time with your boys...Lucas AND Trace! ;)
Yay Trace! Puggles ROCK! ;)