Thursday, September 11, 2008

tagged again...

So Page tagged me... list some advice and stuff for kids, but you have to use pictures as examples. Here are my words of wisdom:

Never sleep with stuffed animals, blankies, or anything that might suffocate you.

MILK, it does a body good!

Make sure your parents check your candy before you eat it.

Always treat your mom like the princess she is!

You are never too young to be someone's hero.

It is very dangerous to stand up in a rocking recliner...

NEVER EVER kiss your cousin!

You can grow up to be just like your Daddy!

Yes, you have to share the Easter eggs!

Take small bite so you do not choke.

You can't have your cake and eat it too!

You don't have to ride on the toy if you don't want!

You can't always HAVE IT YOUR WAY.

DO NOT play with guns or go to bars. They are very dangerous!

No matter what your mom says, dirt won't hurt!

Some things never go out of style!! (and it's perfectly ok to stay in your PJ's all day!)

Always follow directions!

Only use 1 crayon at a time! And never eat them :)

But remember........No matter what, I'll always love you!

Don't know if I followed the tag correctly, but it was fun anyways! I tag LAINE, b/c I know with 6 kids she has plenty of advice... I also tag JENN, b/c she takes more pics than I do and I can't wait to see them... and MEG... b/c she is a kindergarten teacher and I know she has some good ones!!


Dollar General said...

That was favorite is the bar!

The Spahn Family said...
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The Spahn Family said...

I thought this was too cute... until I scrolled down & saw that you tagged me! This will take some thinking time!
Just as a side note, I SO didn't know Rach was pregnant again until I saw it on your "about me." Tell her I said congrats! We will have to do pics of you pregnant sisters rubbing your bellies!