Saturday, July 17, 2010

our wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Whitt

today is our 6th wedding anniversary... hard to believe it's been that long. i don't have our wedding photos on the computer, so this pic is a scanned pic of a scanned pic. not too clear but you get the point! i ran across this article the other day that the bham news wrote up about me and nate, in the life/style section, they have a feature each sunday called "our wedding." here is the article.

jamie phillips and nathan whitt: july 17, 2004

in the beginning: jamie and nathan met at a bible study at cedar grove baptist church in leeds in july 2001. they were visiting the church with friends, who introduced them. "she was kind of seeing another guy so i was thinking i wish i could date her and she'd get rid of the other guy." nathan recalls. "i had to do my fair share of waiting."

first date: the two went to nathan's cousin's piano recital at samford university, then sat down to dinner at applebee's at colonial brookwood village with his family. during dinner, jamie accidentally spilled marinara sauce on nathan's jeans and brand new white sneakers. jamie admits she was nervous. "it was so embarrassing," she recalled. "but he forgave me and still asked me out again." the marinara sauce came out of nathan's jeans ok, but there were still little red remnants left on his shoes for a while.

first kiss: after a visit at nathan's house, jamie said goodbye and gave him a hug. he jokingly asked "where's my kiss?" jamie surprised him with a smooch.

will you: nathan proposed to jamie at a third day concert. third day, a christian rock band, was performing at jacksonville state university. he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. after she said yes, he went up on stage and sang "love song." nathan, a singer and guitarist on the praise team at argo christian fellowship church, was one of two random people picked out of the crowd to sing.

location, location, location: the whitt's married at springville first baptist church. they received guests there as well.

something old: a 1905 buffalo nickel in jamie's shoe

something new: her beaded halter-style gown and sparkly veil made by her grandmother

something borrowed: a coral cross necklace she borrowed from a bridesmaid

something blue: a handkerchief with her new initials from her mother-in-law. she wrapped it around her bouquet.

oops: nathan forgot black socks to wear with his tux. his brother had to buy him some at a nearby hardware store. "i was so concerned about making sure i had the ring i guess i forgot my socks," nathan says.

floral encore: four year old flower girl hadley bratton apparently didn't want to skimp on her duties. she threw her daisies as the bridal party exited the sanctuary as well as when the entered.

most popular gifts: they got four target photo albums and duplicate pieces of cookware.

favorite gifts: a quilt from jamie's mom. "because it was made from the heart with love," she said.

pedigree: jamie's parents are beth and tom phillips of argo. nathan's parents are john and terri whitt of moody.

honeymoon: the spent five days on mexico's mayan riveria. they snorkled, hung out by the pool and played volleyball.

happily ever after: jamie, 22, works in customer service at southtrust bank. nathan, 22, is a general contractor with TAC construction in trussville. the newlyweds live in moody. nathan's brother josh is married to jamie's sister shannon. "we all met each other around the same time. they took things a little quicker than we did," jamie said with a giggle.

- written by staci brown brook, 12/5/2004

i love you nate and i am so thankful that god gave us each other! i hope and pray we have many more years together!


Shannon Whitt said...

Slight Correction- I don't think Nate was at Bible Study that night!!! But, that was cute! I didn't remember some of those things!

Trace Car Driver said...

well the newspaper lady must have mis-understood. i was just typing as she had it printed! :o)