Tuesday, July 27, 2010

that's the good stuff

so recently lucas discovered something new- a deliciously fruity (chocked full of artificial sugar) kids drink known as a... juice box! up until now, i could give trace a juice box with lunch or dinner, and lucas would be fine with the juice in his sippy cup. ha, not anymore! lucas wants anything that his bubba has... and he will absolutely pitch a fit if he can't have it. and as you see, he won't let me help him with it either. he is mr. independent!! he will take a sip of it and then chug the whole thing til it is G-O-N-E, like he is dehydrated or something! then he will let out a big AHHHHH! :o) he has definitely figured out that that's the good stuff! so who am i to deprive the kid of such a wonderful drinking experience? plus, look at that sweet face (and orange tongue!) how cute is he with his hi-c? my baby is growing up. *tear


Shalita said...

That is SWEET! And that boy knows yumminess when he tastes it! A little sugar never hurt anybody! : ) And besides, he has to be like his bubba---orange tongue and all!