Thursday, July 17, 2008


HAPPY 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY NATE! yep, today we have been married for 4 years... seems like just yesterday we were getting engaged at the third day concert :) but 4 years and 1 + 1/2 babies later... here we are!! god has been so good to us. we try and be faithful to him but i know we fail him daily. we don't deserve the blessings he has given us but we are so thankful for them! i love my sweet, hard working, fun loving husband, and i love the precious, beautiful baby boy he helped create :) i love my life!!
quick funny story... nate and i decided to meet at logan's for lunch today. i called him as he was leaving work and i told him - see ya there (logan's.) i decided to go ahead and get us a table. so i gave nate a call and told him where i was sitting. a few minutes later he called me and asked where i had parked and i told him right in the front... a few seconds later he said - please tell me you are at the trussville logan's... of course i wasn't! since i only have an hour for lunch we usually meet in irondale. but if we go to logan's on the weekend, we always go to trussville. so we learned an important lesson in communication on our 4 year anniversary!! i ordered our food and even though the cheesesticks got to the table before nate, he made it to the irondale logan's before the rest of the food arrived :) and we still managed to enjoy our nice lunch!
and since i have to post pics when i blog, since i don't have any new pics of me and nate together, i guess the cute kids will have to do! just a few recent pics to make you smile!!!

laura grace ~ bathing beauty!!
i think she likes her new bikini! WHAT A DOLL!!!!
the boys and their matching pj's!
meme found nate's old toys in the attic...
trace LOVES them!
(his hairdo is cracking me up!!! he needs a brush!!)
we are definitely staying busy these days... this week we've been "racing for jesus" at vacation bible school each nite. by time i get home i really do feel like i've been in a long race. i stay tired but god is giving me the strength i need for each day! i am looking forward to the weekend, hopefully we will get to rest! i will take some more pics i'm sure!!
Psalm 36:5 "Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, extend to the skies, and Your faithfulness to the clouds."


Silena Cvacho said...

Congratulations on 4 years!! You guys are such a cute couple- we're glad to have you as a cuz too Jamie!!
Also, so glad to see the He-Man castle!! Will loves all of Clint's old toys too- Batman, Ghostbusters and He-Man!!
Happy Anniversary,

Dollar General said...

Nate used to play Barbies with me and I used to play with that Skelator Castle.

Congrats on 4 years!! I'm so glad Nate made it to lunch! Jason and I NEVER have communication problems! HA HA HA!!

Happy Anniversary!

The Ferrill's said...

OH that is a cute Logan's story! Happy 4th anniversary!
Love the old toys! What fun!

meglowry said...

Happy Anniversary! You've accomplished a lot in 4 years!!