Monday, November 10, 2008

semi lazy weekend!

we had a nice weekend... we had small groups at church friday nite and enjoyed a steak dinner as a thank you for helping with d-now a few months ago. we played the best game ever, called boxers or briefs. anyone ever played it?? it was lots of fun! then saturday morning, trace and i went to walmart... obviously we were out of eggs and other things! after walking around the store for 1 1/2 hours, i was more than ready to be home and rest! we put trace down for a nap, then i actually went to get a massage! THANKS BONNIE!!!!!! a friend of ours from church is a massage therapist at the blue orchid in trussville... if anyone is interested, she makes a GREAT gift. 1/2 hr, 1 hr, just tell her what you want and she'll do it. i can get you her info if you are interested! anyways, she has the coolest wedge thing that allows me to lay on my big belly and get a massage while i'm pregnant. oh it was HEAVENLY! i am hurting a little from it now, b/c i was so tense and had a few knots in my neck/shoulders. but i'm telling you what, i could def. use one of those weekly! i told nate i would buy him one for christmas if he would buy me one in return. sounds like a good deal to me!

once i got home, i decided that when trace woke up from his nap that i would let him play outside. the weather has been so nice lately... and trace LOVES to be outside! rain or shine, hot or cold, he is a roll-in-the-dirt kind of boy! he loves to chase the leaves and let the wind blow in his face!! so when i got home from my massage, josh and shannon were at the house during the ball games, and i took caden and trace outside to play. i love the picture above, but it looks like trace is peeing to me :) and the ones below are the boys just having a good ol time! we took trace's john deer tractor and his dumptruck outside and they had so much fun. a few of the pictures really crack me up. like this one, look at trace's face! he looks scared to death but he was really having a great time!but this one might just be my favorite... it cracks me up too! caden was pushing trace and i was trying to chase them... i tried to get caden to slow down but before i knew it, he had tried to push trace up the hill. it was hilarious. they almost tumped over but i got to them just in time!

and this one makes me laugh too... b/c this is a SAND toy that trace thinks is a RIDING toy. he always gets on this dump truck and rides it around. silly boy!!

the kids were wearing me out so we came in and let them play in trace's room. they had a good time but it was hard to keep them contained! they wanted to run in and out of the living room where the boys were watching multiple ball games... yeah, we ended up putting the baby gate up which made all the babies mad! sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :) florida state and bama both won though, so the grown ups were happy!

sunday we went to church, then nate had to go out of town with a few guys from his work. he is in toccoa, georgia and will be back tuesday nite. we miss him already!! so after trace's nap the 2 of us went to terri's for a tupperware party. now i know why you don't take kids to parties like that... trace saw a disney/pixar CARS sippy cup and snack bowl set and HAD to have it. i'm talking he grabbed it off the table and started sucking on the juice cup like it was his. so i ordered a new set for the tupperware lady and she let me take that set home. trace was happy!! btw, i am having a FUND-RAISER tupperware party this sunday, 40% of the sales will go to our church's (Argo Christian Fellowship) building fund. if you are interested in, you can join the fun on sunday, 11/16, at 3 pm in the fellowship hall at ACF.

well that wraps up our semi-lazy weekend... hope this finds all of you doing great.