Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to All...

Trace's first look on Christmas morning (i love how he is dragging his blankie behind him!)

we had a GREAT christmas! so many people to see and places to go, but we had a blast!
we celebrated christmas eve at meme and grandaddy's. nanny was in town from huntsville and we had fun celebrating with her. as always, there was wonderful food, great laughs with the crazy kids, and tons of presents! trace racked up... getting a monster truck, rocking chair, ninja turtle stuff, new markers and coloring sets, a hi-5 dvd, tool set, alphabet train, and lots of other things! nate and i got a great gift basket including gift cards and a free nite of baby-sitting! then we headed to the communion service at church, where i read a christmas story to the kids. trace sat in my lap for a few minutes, then sat with shannon and lala. then he decided to go behind the choir loft and jump up and down on the chairs. since i was reading the story, i tried not to look, but i heard you could just see his little head bobbing up and down, and it musta been funny b/c everyone kept laughing. he also stole the show with his loud "amen" after prayer and when poppi was helping with communion and headed back to the front of the church trace kept saying "where'd poppi go?" too cute!! we got home and put trace in christmas pj's and then read the christmas story from luke chapter 2. he also got a children's bible from meme so we read his version as well. i know he is young, but it's a tradition we started last year and i hope to continue it, to help us all remember the real meaning of christmas. even though it's so fun and we get caught up in the excitement of presents and santa, we always want trace to know and remember how baby jesus was born on christmas day, and would later die for our sins so that we could spend eternity in heaven.
christmas morning we woke trace up and let him see that santa had come. it was so fun to see his excitement over everything, even the little things in his stocking... like a blue's clues toothbrush! that kept him happy for at least an hour! we basically got him 3 gifts, since that's what the wisemen took baby jesus. he got a tonka cars set with 3 cars/tracks that he loved. he also got lots of new books to read. and i think his favorite was his horsie and cowboy hat. the horsie on the stick is almost as big as him, but he loved it! i got a new camera, woo hoo! i love it. i've already taken a ton of pics, imagine that! and i got some new fleece pj pants and a gc for a pedicure (which i used on friday!) nate got some new clothes, a gc for a massage, boxers, socks, all the typical stuff! we then went to bitsy and poppi's house for presents and brunch. it was a lot of fun, and we got to see granny, nana and papaw as well. and again, trace got tons of gifts! several toy dinosaurs (or saur saurs as trace calls them,) new cars pjs, a hermie dvd, a harmonica, clothes, a diego pillow book, and other toys i'm sure i'm forgetting. let's just say our house looks like a toy store now! nate got new cologne and the dark knight on blu ray. i got a new scrapbook for lucas, an adorable scrapbook of trace that mom has been secretly working on, and a beautiful handmade flannel christmas quilt from mom. i love it!! we ate so much after opening all the gifts that i thought i would bust!
since we already made our christmas trip to huntsville to see mamaw and pawpaw last weekend, we were able to come back home and REST on christmas day. how fun! i really used the past 3 days to get some much needed rest. i think i took a nap every day. it was wonderful! and yes, we did a little shopping friday, and of course some cleaning and cooking here and there, but it was so nice to chill out some. i took trace to walmart saturday and nate took down ALL the christmas decorations. seriously, i didn't do anything except pack up the wrapping paper and stuff. what a great hubby! i did however have to go thru several tubs of baby clothes and sort them out. that was exhausting but it really needed to be done, and soon! lucas will be here before we know it!
ok, i realize this has been a long blog... i'll wrap up by saying i hope you and your family had a great christmas as well, and truly were able to relax and remember the real meaning of the season.
so here are a few pics from our christmas fun... hope you enjoy.

trace and his blue's clues toothbrush from his stocking
my handsome lil cowboy

sitting in all the mess!

Merry Christmas 2008


Meg said...

Fun FUn! I bet every year gets better! Thanks for your prayers and comment. Oh & if you have any kind of "sprinkle" for Lucas, please let me know. I would love to come. I feel like its been FOREVER since we saw ya'll.

The Spahn Family said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!