Thursday, July 30, 2009

1/2 birthday

where's lucas???


it is so hard for me to believe that my baby lucas is 6 months old today. seriously... where has time gone? i am having flashbacks to this time on january 30... when i was literally about to pull my baby out! woah. i remember things happening so fast, it seems like one minute i got my epidural and the next minute i was holding lucas in my arms. actually, it was only 50 minutes, so you see why it seemed like only one! everything happened sooo super fast! i remember being so overcome with emotion when i saw lucas for the first time, and just crying and saying, "my baby, he's here, lucas james, my baby!" i guess since i had already been thru the whole birth/labor process with trace, i thought it wouldn't hit me so hard with lucas. but i was wrong! even though i had 9 months to prepare for that glorious day, before we would meet our second son, nothing could truly prepare me for those first moments of seeing lucas, hearing him cry, feeling his sticky skin laying on my chest. aaahhhh, what a sweet sweet time! the lord is so good to us. though i had a few complications toward the end of my pregnancy with preterm labor and going on bedrest at 35 weeks, we had a very smooth and very fast delivery, with zero complications! and then thinking back to how sick i was after lucas was born, fighting high blood pressure, strep throat twice, walking pnemonia, and a yeast infection from all the meds within the first 5 weeks of having lucas, god has seen us through all the hard times! he has never left me, and nothing has happened to me that he didn't allow to happen. when things surprised me, they weren't a surprise to him. it was all in his plan! isn't that awesome?!? i'm not sure how to link like i want to, but i think if you click here it takes you back to that blog i wrote after lucas was born. i remember the exact moment of writing that blog. it was a sweet time, reliving the birth of lucas, and it was also a sweet time with the lord, him speaking to me and comforting me and reminding me of his promises. it is a very long post, but if you wanna read it again, go ahead. birth details, as well as pics of lil baby lucas are there.
anyways. i'm not an eloquent writer/blogger, but i try! i have good intentions so that counts for something! really i just want to say HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY LUCAS JAMES WHITT! you are the best little lucas ever! your mommy and daddy and brother love you so much. you have been such a blessing to us and we thank god for you every day! your sweet smile always brings a smile to my face, and hearing you laugh fills my heart with joy! i pray that you will always feel loved by us, but more importantly, that you will always feel loved by god. he loves you so much and has an awesome plan for you. i can't wait to see what the future holds for you and the rest of our family!

ok. so now for a few pics... wow. hard to believe you used to be so little! weighing in at 7 pounds even and 20 inches long at birth.

and now, weighing in at 16 pounds even and 26 1/2 inches long. lucas went for his 6 month dr visit yesterday. he got a great report and he's just perfect! he is in the 50th% for height, and only in the 23rd% for weight. but everything is good.

and here are some fun facts about lucas these days...
* he loves to smile and laugh at anyone who pays attention to him, especially trace!
* he is eating cereal and fruits and is about to start eating veggies... better him than me. HA
* he is becoming very mobile, he rolls around everywhere! never stays in one place. gone are the days of laying him on the couch for a few minutes!
* he can hold his head up great while laying on his tummy.
* he is starting to sit up for a few seconds at a time on his own. then he gets wobbly and falls!
* he loves to hear himself talk. he squeals and gurgles and blows spit bubbles and he cracks himself up!
* his new little sound is like a baby seal, it is so cute and funny!
* he loves his exersaucer and jump-a-roo.
* he sleeps all night, usually from around 8:30 or 9 pm til 5:30 or 6 am. we are blessed!
* he has 2 little teeth on the bottom, but i think more are trying to come in up top.
* he loves his hands. he is captivated by them. he folds his hands together and will stare at them, chew on them, just whatever!
* he loves to be naked and to be tickled. he loves when nate gets his goozle!
* he loves other kids, esp his cousins! and they all love him too! they affectionately call him lulu or wuwu. and sometimes we call him luc luc. oh, and he really loves his cousin mason, who is only a month younger than him. he may be younger but i did not say smaller- he is about 5 pounds bigger than him! ha. they love to sit facing each other and talk and play at meme's house! it is adorable!
* he is starting to go through an attachment phase, sometimes he cries when he is in a room by himself! he always wants attention!
* he has the softest skin ever after a bath, oh i could just rub him down with lotion and smell him all day long!
* he is starting to get a little more hair! his little fuzzies are growing and it's so soft and cute. i love it!
* he has 2 dimples on his face, they are kinda high up on the right cheek and they are just precious!
* he must have the sweetest skin ever, b/c mosqitoes love to get him :(
* he loves to swing outside, and watch the trees and wind blow. he kinds likes to swim too.
* he is a very happy, laid back baby. just like trace was!
* he is 6 months old today, but will always be his mama's baby boy!
oh, and one more thing... did i mention he is the sweetest, cutest, little cuddly thing and i love him so much!! his little nose, mouth, beautfiul blue eyes, ears, he is just perfect! :)

sitting up for just a second on his own!

so yummy~ the food and lucas. i could just eat him up!

see, told ya i'm cute!

James 1:17 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."


Dollar General said...

That was the best blog! He can do so much in just six short months! And he IS so loved! He is SO cute and happy! Happy 1/2 Birthday Lucas!