Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BiRtHdAy BoY!

so it goes without saying, but of course i've said it several times and i'm sure i'll say it several more... i can't believe my baby boy is ONE! despite the miserable cold and rainy weather on saturday, lucas had a great first birthday! ☻ we tried to get him to open a few presents before breakfast, and he was so not interested. so trace... being the awesome big bro that he is, helped him out! :o) next, we celebrated with birthday pancakes!

now, it's party time!! mama and the birthday boy!

ok so this pic should be at the end, but it's not. so get over it! j/k... i really wish i could make it go where i want it but i can't. so here it is. here's all the kiddos at the party... i think it was a pretty good turnout!
although lucas only took a short morning nap before the party (which means there was a great potential for a huge meltdown during the party...) he was in a GREAT mood! he crawled around, chased the big kids, posed for pics, opened presents, and of course, ate CAKE! don't you love his shirt i had made? my friend lindsay started her own business (you can go look at all her cute stuff HERE) and made both the boys adorable birthday shirts! i was so happy with how they turned out!

we had a very simple party at the church. thanks to everyone who came out in the freezing yucky rainy weather. honestly, i'm not sure i would have ventured out to a party that day! :) so i'm VERY thankful for our family and friends who came to show their support and help us celebrate!

this is nate (obviously) and his best friends son, jack, along with trace. trace was so cute, he ran up and hugged jack and turned to caden and lala and said "hey guys, this is my friend jack!" trace is my little mr. manners :)
trace- sippin' on his juice box like a big boy!!
lucas was entertained by the balloons... and he still is. we have a few at home and he and trace can't play with them enough!

so yeah... do you see what mama asked everyone to get lucas for his bday? DIAPERS and WIPES! yes sir.... christmas was just a month ago, and our house is still overflowing with toys and goodies and such. so being the cheap, i mean, practical mom that i am, i asked for diapers. and ya'll supplied. wow, we are so thankful. well, lucas may not appreciate it. (technically, i'm sure he does appreciate when his lil hiney is dry and covered) but i do!! :o) don't worry, he did get a few toys and outfits too! :) please also notice the CUTE flannel rag quilt in his lap that bitsy made him!! it has monkeys on it and i LOVE it!!
ok, so i know this is what ya'll have all been waiting for! what's a party without the CAKE?? this boy was LOVING his cake!!! seriously, he started out slow, but we finally had to take it away from him, b/c i was afraid he was going to A) puke from all the icing or B) go into a sugar coma or C) BOTH! :)
i think my bro in law josh took these next 2 pics... they turned out pretty cute, huh? the one with him smiling is one of my favs! i'm telling you, lucas was tearing the cake up!

he was even sucking it off of his arm. it was so funny!!!

and i took a TON of photos of him while eating cake. shocking i know! so here's a few of my favs of the birthday boy enjoying his cake! who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? (never really understood that saying, but it seems to fit. so i used it!) anyways... enjoy the collage!

and one last pic of lucas... when we got home of course he had to get a bubble bath. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of him. well, except for the purple icing in b/w his eyes and up his nose! :) but i guess i'll always remember when looking at this that it was his birthday b/c of that icing. so it's all good!

overall, it was a great day... except for one minor incident that will remain untold! :)
♪♫♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear lucas, happy birthday to you! ♪♫♪
i love you big boy. and in case you ever wonder, even when we are both old and gray, you will ALWAYS be my baby!


Meg said...

So cute! I am glad he had a good party! The shirt was precious!

Hua said...


I'm glad to hear that lucas' first birthday was a success! He truly looks so happy and he is very lucky to have loving parents like you.

I look forward to more updates.


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Holly said...

He is such a cutie!

The Spahn Family said...

WOW I can not believe he is already ONE! Glad he enjoyed his party (o: