Friday, August 20, 2010

flashback friday

here's PROOF: that trace is my child! :)
obviously... this is me and shannon- i think around 1985! but i see how you might get confused and think it's a pic of trace and caden- wearing dresses! :) see- don't you think trace looks just like me here? crazy how he can look so much like mine AND nate's baby pics, but nate and i look(ed) nothing alike!
i love this pic... it was taken at nana and papaw's old house, in front of their garage. i can't believe the bows in our hair and ruffles on our socks- we were decked out and so... girly! :) and most of all, i love that i am looking like a lil hoochie with my short dress! for the record... my mom says that was the style. when i asked her why i was wearing a dress that was 3 sizes too small, she argued with me and said "look at the sleeves. they come to your wrist. the dress fits!" so yeah, what do i know?? ha!
i know we were pretty cute fo sho!


Dollar General said...

Funny your mom said that. B/C I thought the dress was too small and then immediately checked out the sleeves and though...Huh...It's not! Cute picture! You can claim Trace ... Lucas... probably not!

The Ferrill's said...

Adorable, Jamie! What cuties! And I love the baby pics of Nate too! Your boys are definitely a combination of you both! What fun!