Friday, September 24, 2010

FaLL survey

this is one of the only trees in our yard that knows it is now officially FaLL! :) trace actually noticed how pretty the leaves were the other day! :) can't wait til the rest start turning to beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows!

i've been in such a blogging slump lately... and here's why. #1) i usually post cute recent pics of the boys on my blog, but since i also post them on fb, it feels redundent (is that the word i'm thinking of?) #2) i haven't taken any new pics lately ( or maybe i have, and they are still on my camera??) and we haven't done anything too interesting. nate and i both went to tres dias and had great weekends away, with refreshment and encouragement. but that's kinda personal so i didn't really wanna blog about it. BUT if you are reading this and don't know what tres dias is and want more info, just ask and i'll gladly share with you! #3) i know in my head i have this blog for my family, and to preserve our memories. but to be honest, i feel like noone else really reads it. (wait, what, you are reading this? then PULEEEZE leave me a comment, FOR THE LOVE! or i might just quit this whole blog... seriously. i've been debating it.) so anyways, that kinda makes me apathetic when i see "0 comments." i know... sad, but true. so there ya have it. and since only 1 or 2 friends read this blog, i really don't have to explain my slump anyways, b/c i doubt anyone has noticed it. but i still felt the need to explain. ok... i'm really just rambling now. so on with the FaLL survey! i got this from jonah's mom. and thought since i had nothing better to blog about, i'd participate!

1. do you like starbucks? and are you a fan of their seasonal coffees?
no, and no. i do not like starbucks (or any type of coffee for that matter.) the only time i ever buy anything from there is when i'm surprising nate with a caramel frappachino- his fav! all together now- awwwwww. :)

2. how do you decorate and prepare for fall?
we have a few fall decorations... mainly just cute plaques that say something about giving thanks. and we have a few halloween type things too. i think i'm gonna buy a few pumpkins and put them outside this year. but ya'll, we live IN THE WOODS. so it's so hard to get motivated to decorate outside when my family is the only one who will enjoy them. but i bet the kids will love them, so i'm gonna suck it up and decorate, for their sake. oh, and CANDY CORN is a must you guys!

3. will you participate in your college's homecoming activites?
bahahaha! i went to harvard on the hill (jeff state community college for all you people not from around here!) i doubt they have a homecoming...

4. what is your fav fall clothing item or accessory?
hmmmmm. i've lost a lot of weight since this time last year (2 pants sizes!) so i'm in need of some new clothes. but i'm loving my skinny jeans with my new cute flats. of course it's been 9000* so i haven't had a chance to wear them much! and of course my new boots so i can't wait to wear them more!

5. what was your fav halloween costume as a kid?
wow. i have NO idea. i'd need to look back at pics... b/c i really don't remember! i know i was a cat a few years, and one year i was a ballerina. and a clown. wow, i'm never gonna let/make my kids be clowns! :)

6. do you like halloween/horror movies? do you have a fav?
i have never liked scary movies. i am the biggest chicken ever. but for some reason, when i was in like FIFTH grade my friends and i LOVED the hand that rocks the cradle. seriously... what were our moms thinking letting us watch that movie so young? i still like that movie, but haven't seen it in years!! i will watch an occassional scary movie with nate, but it involves me yelling and screaming a LOT, and acting like a big scaredy cat!

7. what is your fav fall activity?
well i LOVE the cooler weather, if it would ever come. and the leaves changing colors. i know that's not an activity so maybe the pumpkin patch? we didn't get to go last year, but we went the year before... but i was pregnant with lucas and wow, it was kinda a rough trip for me. but i'm def looking forward to going sometime this year. i don't particularly love it myself, but seeing the kids excitement makes it worth the drive, the crowd, the heat, the dirt, the price, etc etc etc :)

8. what is your favorite fall recipe?
wow. i'm not sure i can pick a fav. i def enjoy something that someone else makes. ha! and i'm not big on football, but i do love the yummy appetizers and food at football parties! one of my fav is apple dip... have you ever had it? here's the recipe... go make some if you have never tasted it before. and if you make some, please share it with me. and in my opinion, you don't even have to have the apples with it, the dip goes nicely on your finger spoon! :)

alrighty then. i'm sure that was the most exciting thing you've read all day! if i tag you, have some fun and take a minute to fill out the survey on your blog! (or FB if you prefer...)

page, silena, laine, shalita, lindsay, and holly! and anyone else i may not have tagged, feel free!


Amanda said...

Ok I must confess, I'm a blog stalker! I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and have been a bad blogger friend. Just recently started my own and am not into the full swing of the comments and stuff. Hope your are doing well and your boys are precious!

Silena Cvacho said...

No!!!! Do NOT leave it on facebook!! Yes, there are still 3 of us not on facebook~ so please share with us or we'll cry!! Jamie Whitt~ I want you to still blog!! PLEASE! I love to see what you guys are up to! And it's sad but true~ this is how I get to catch up with you guys! I know everybody's favorite is Page~ so you get to see her, but I don't want to be left out!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging. I love reading your updates! I am just a lady who stumbled on your blog one day. You have a beautiful family!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Please don't stop! I'm the same way though.. I always tell myself that I'm blogging to save our memories, but I too feel sad when there's no love shown in comments. I know it's silly, but I can't help it! Anyway, I hope you don't quit!
Happy "Fall" whatever that may be! We had upper 90's all week. Ugh!

Dollar General said...

We SO know I'm not the favorite! Nate and Jamie LOVE you (Silena) and Clint the most. They thought getting close with me would lead to getting tight with y'all but as we can see - that didn't work!! Ha!

You know if you quit Shalita, Laine, and Silena would have no way to keep up with you!! Then the world would be O.V.E.R!!

Hang in there! Get a side ticker that says people are looking you can even see where they come from!

The Taylors said...

Girl....gonna need to have Starbucks 101 with you. I'm pretty sure it's a sin to say, "I do not like Starbucks." =o) Totally kidding!