Sunday, January 22, 2012

the 25 dates of christmas

yes... you read that right. for christmas, i decided to be creative and cost effective, so i decided to do 25 dates of christmas for nate! no, we didn't go out on 25 dates, but each day i gave nate some sort of date or did something special for him. one nite i cooked dinner then we watched a movie, i made him personalized christmas ornaments, cool socks, massages, picture frames, youtube dates, etc. i think one of my favorites was when i surprised him and the kids and when they got home one nite, i had created a mexican restaurant in our kitchen! complete with (cowboy) hats, morrocos, and salsa music! :) the kids really loved it!!

my other favorite is a simple black frame. the paper inside reads: i love you because... and we take turns writing on the glass (with a dry erase marker) things we love about each other! it stays on my bathroom counter and i love writing nate little encouragements, as well as reading the sweet things he says about why he loves me! :-)


classic restoration said...

You are so sweet. You are lucky too to have her.

Shalita said...

This is an AWESOME post!!! Love all the ideas, but the picture frame is my favorite!!!!!!!! I cannot say that I won't steal your idea one day! :)