Monday, January 2, 2012

fun at meme and g-daddy's

after chrismas eve brunch at bitsy and poppi's, we headed to meme and g-daddy's house for more food, and more fun! :) we tried to put the kids down for a quick nap.. ends up mason and lucas were the only ones who fell asleep, but they were the ones that needed it most! :) we had steaks and baked potatoes for a late lunch.. oh my. they were DELISH!! grandaddy is the master of the grill! of course after the kids had their short rest, they were WIRED! they barely ate and they probly asked us 85 times when we would be done eating so they could open presents! anxious much? they make it all so fun though... i so love the excitement of the kiddos!! :)

we tried several times to get a good pics of the kiddos... yeah, it's so much harder than it sounds. or looks!! i still love them though, and we will never stop trying! :)) 

they were pumped up about presents, and there's a good reason for that. probably b/c meme and g-daddy spoil them like crazy!!!!! not complaining, jus sayin! ;o)
the kids racked up! this was the barbie christmas for the girls! and unfortunately, the boys liked playing with them too! ha. mason and lucas were loving some CARS2 tracks, remote control cars, and guns! the big boys got nerf footballs, tons of thundercat stuff for trace, and caden got his big boy toys! :) and sweet t... well he just got the cutest clothes ever, and some fun new toys. the kids were going banana sandwich opening their gifts! they oohed and ahhed over everything!
we usually go to a family christmas eve communion service at church. this year it was just a come and go service, and so we decided to do our own family communion at the house of hebrew (aka grandaddy's house!) ha. it was super sweet... i loved seeing grandaddy lead it and hearing him explain what it's all about, and he was able to talk on the kids level where at least the big kids understood it. it was just a really cool thing to do with our family. after we had all taken communion, we each prayed with our individual families. since trace recently accepted christ, it made it even more special.
we had a super fun day... long day but so fun! def wouldn't trade our family and the special times we get to spend together for a million bucks!
we tried again to get a good shot of the 7 kiddos... and i def think this one is good! :)

from left to right- caden (5) kenley (5) trace (almost 5) 
timothy (1) laura grace (4) lucas (almost 3) mason (almost 3)

 and we finally were able to take another group picture.. i love this! 

hope your christmas and time with family was as blessed as ours!