Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more christmas fun

ok... this is the next to the last christmas post! :) i'm tellin ya... we had like 14 christmas celebrations this year! i'm all for them, and we had so much fun, but it will wear you out!!
on christmas morning, after we did santa at home, we loaded up for the day and headed to church. with sword and ET in hands, remember?

after church we headed to huntsville... where all 3 sets of nate's grandparents live! (they all live within like 10 minutes of each other.. crazy but convenient once we are in hunstville!) the first stop was nanny's house! we missed having nanny on christmas eve at meme's but we really enjoyed spending some time with her christmas day. the kids got all sorts of fun gifts that they loved!

 meme and g-daddy are always there to help with new toys, thank goodness!

after nanny's house, we headed down the road to big g-daddy's... where i FAILED to take ANY pictures. geezlouise... what was i thinking?!? we ate a late lunch then hung out for a while. actually, i supervised the kids outside b/c they were W.I.R.E.D. my goodness! guess that's why i didn't take pics. anyways, it was great to see big grandaddy and visit with him!

last stop of the day, mamaw and pawpaw's house! this is the big shabang!! there's always tons of family there, cousins, aunts, uncles, more cousins... love it! we always hang out and have fun for a while. then we eat the best dinner ever until we are so stuffed we can hardly move! after dinner, pawpaw gathers us around and passes out the christmas story, along with some commentary he wrote. we take turns reading the different passages from the bible. it's a great way to celebrate the birth of christ with the whole family, and remember what the reason of christmas really is!

all the kiddos stay in there while we are reading... some even took turns helping to read this year! so sweet! the younger ones... well they did whatever they could to entertain themselves, and those of us watching them! :)

after the christmas story and prayer, it's always time for presents! we go to the den, where it's pure and utter chaos!!

nate helped pass out the presents! i love the pic of mamaw with hers all stacked up in her lap!!
AND... i love the pic of me and page... LOVE LOVE LOVE it! so festive with my red shirt and her green one! ha!

these last pictures are so special. i am so glad that i took time for the boys to get pictures with mamaw. how sweet are they? notice the sword and ET in the first pic... i mean, how can you miss them!?
and the second one is just PRECIOUS!! we love you mamaw and pawpaw... so thankful to be part of the family.

the last christmas celebration was the day after christmas! we went to meme's for christmas with the renfroes! we ate a delicious lunch, then the little kids got to open their presents! the boys got more transformers, batman cars, and playdough pizza makers! fun stuff! :) then the adults played dirty santa... where scarves were def the gift of the day!

love our family!

best we could get of the boys... but hey. i'll take it!

we decided to take a pic with all the girl cousins!
from left to right: me, alexandra, caroline, rach, and shannon

oh, i almost forgot. it was also a big day for caden... he lost his FIRST tooth! :)
you can tell... he's pretty excited!

what a fabulous time full of fun, food, and fellowship with family! :)