Monday, January 4, 2010

eleven months

happy 11 months to lucas!!
i can hardly believe that he is eleven months old. in less than a month, he will turn one. my little man is getting so big!! i keep remembering back to dec 30, 2008, when i was put on bedrest for pre-term labor. i was only 34 weeks pregnant, but i was already 2 cm dialated and 60% effaced. CRAZY! so i rested for the next month, and on january 30, 2009, lucas was born. healthy and happy! and he has definitely stayed HAPPY since then. and healthy too, for the most part, other than these stinkin' ear infections! we actually take him to the ENT this wednesday, to see if he needs tubes. if they will give my poor baby some relief, i am all for them! anyways. happy and healthy, he is our little eleven month old! these pics were taken in december, at kenley's birthday party. lucas was LOVING her birthday cake... so much that he would steal the spoon when nate fed him the cake! it was SOOO funny. you can tell, he thinks he is pretty cute. we definitely all agree!
i wonder if he will do this with HIS OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE at the end of this month? oh wait, probably not, b/c who uses utensils for their smash cake? it's all hands and maybe face first baby!

i took lucas down the slide a few times, and he loved it. or maybe he wasn't too sure about it, but i loved it!

then i went with lucas AND trace. not THAT was double the fun! :o) as you can see, they had matching shirts on. but you probably can't read them. they were SO CUTE and i can't believe i didn't get a pic of them together. but they say "MY BROTHER IS THE NAUGHTY ONE!" haha! i bought them last year at target on clearance. i love getting a good deal like that! and i LOVE my 2 sweet boys! naughty or nice, gotta love em!
so a few fun facts about lucas this month:
- he is SO active. he pulls up on EVERYTHING (cabinets, chairs, walls, dressers...) and can cruise up and down the furniture. he will stand using just one hand to hold onto something, and he is working on his balance! it won't be long before he is WALKING! hard to believe. but for now, he is the FASTEST crawler EVER! seriously, he doesn't let his size hold him back. he hangs with the big kids all the time!
- he LOVES to eat table food. some days i can sneak in a jar of baby food, b/c i know he still needs those nutrients! but for the most part, it is chicken, pizza, pasta, french fries, whatever we are eating! he loves yogurt and cheese too!
- he will hardly sit still long enough to drink even a few ounces of his bottle. he loves drinking juice from a sippy cup... he has been known to steal the big kids cups and chug their drink while they aren't looking! he could care less whose cup it is, or what is in it! :o) he is also drinking some formula out of his cup too at meal times.
- he still loves to sleep! he usually takes a short morning nap, and a decent afternoon nap. depending on what time he naps after lunch, he may even go back down for a few minutes in the late afternoon. he is almost always in bed by 7 pm, and sleeps all through the nite, and lately i've had to wake him up in the mornings!
- he has 8 teeth and may be working on a few more. he puts ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in his mouth, esp little toys that belong to his brother! i catch him with toys, trash, food, all sorts of stuff in his mouth! he loves to chew on something (ball, toy, etc) and crawl around while it's in his mouth, like a little puppy dog. it's so funny!
- he is still the happiest, sweetest, smile-ist little boy ever! for the most part that is. but he loves his mama like you wouldn't believe... and he can throw a fit in an instant if i put him down, or even walk to the other room! he LOVES to be in my arms!
- he also loves his daddy though... and says DA-DA all the time. this weekend he starting saying BYE-BYE on command, it's so cute! every once in a while i'll get a mmmmm- ma-ma! but usually it is all about his da-da! and he loves trace so much too. we are working on him saying BU-BBA!
- he wears a size 3 diaper most of the time, but sometimes is in a size 4. i think 4's are closer than we think to fitting him best! he wears mostly 12 mo or 12-18 month clothes. he is still long and skinny!
- he HATE shoes and socks... but i have a few pair of soft sided shoes that he has no choice but to wear, b/c he can't get them off by himself, no matter how hard he tries!
- he has my heart. and so does trace! (and they KNOW IT!) they are both such wonderful blessings to me and nate, and have i mentioned that they might both be spoiled rotten? :o)
we thank god for them daily!


Meg said...

I cant believe time has passed so quick!