Monday, January 11, 2010

in HIS hands

praise the lord, the tubes are in- and lucas is doing great! it went so smooth, as everyone told me it would! thanks to those of you who prayed... i really felt god's peace this morning! i was impressed with children's south, and dr. shirley who is lucas' ent. the nurses and everyone there were so friendly. i loved how lucas got to wear his pj's the whole time! and how he got to stay in the room with us right until his surgery. he played and was mostly happy, considering we had to wake him up at 5:15 and he couldn't have anything to eat or drink! i think the hardest part was when i handed lucas over to the nurse and she took him through the doors to the OR, but i didn't even cry! :) and neither did lucas, thankfully, or i know i would have lost it at that point! (and of course nate didn't cry either!) ha. lucas was only away from us for about 15 minutes. he was fussy when he came back in, from a combination of being hungry and sleepy i'm sure. we saw the dr. and he said everything went well. they released us, and nate headed in to work. lucas and i came home, with plans to crash! lucas remained fussy but didn't want to go to sleep at first... so he took a bottle and played for awhile, and finally slept for 1 1/2 hrs. i was expecting/hoping for a good 3-4 hr nap, but oh well... he woke up very HAPPY and that's all that matters! :) he ate lunch, and has played hard since then. i just gave him ear drops and tylenol, and a bottle. and now he's back down for another nap! i am praying that these tubes help tremendously and we are on the road to recovery! so far, so good!

the nurse was great with him. he was so curious when she was taking his pulse and bp, but he sat still the whole time and never cried! such a big boy!

this is in our room, room # 14

there was a playroom, and several wagons/riding toys. nate and i took turns walking him up and down the hallways while he enjoyed riding in the wagon.

getting some snuggle time with mama. sweet sweet boy! we played and laughed, prayed, and sang jesus loves me! and of course posed for plenty of pics! :) (thanks nate for humoring me!)
this next picture is when he came back after the tubes. he was fussy and a little out of it. :(
but it sure didn't take him long to get happy again! this is after his nap... he was playing and being so sweet and silly, as usual!

lucas and trace both have a yucky cough and runny nose, despite my efforts of keeping them in out of the cold all weekend. i am praying they both clear up soon and it's nothing major. praise god for a quick and easy surgery today. i am so thankful for his peace and love that surrounded us. again, i know tubes are very routine and not a big deal, but it can be scary when it's your baby! as a friend on facebook reminded me last nite, he has the whole world IN HIS HANDS... even the itty bitty babies! thank you jesus for keeping us all in your hands. there is no place i'd rather be!


Nicole said...

I'm glad it went so well! I was thinking about all of you this morning as I drove to work.