Thursday, January 28, 2010

grab a diaper wipe

so i don't know about ya'll... but i use diaper wipes a lot! they are just so handy to me. you can find a huge stack of them in at least 3 rooms of our house at any given time. the funny thing is, they have so many more uses than to clean a baby's bum. i've found myself using a diaper wipe for so many things in the past few years... so here's a run down of my top 10 favorites!

# 10- forgot to clean the bathroom counter when guests are on their way over? it's ok, grab a diaper wipe!

# 9- also neglected to clean said bathroom floor that hasn't been properly swept much less mopped, in only god knows how long... it's ok, grab a diaper wipe.

# 8- noticed the casserole dish you were about to use is covered in dust... it's ok, grab a diaper wipe!

# 7- there's a yucky mess on the stove from when the chicken you were boiling 4 days ago bubbled over. it's ok, grab a diaper wipe!

# 6- the 2 yr old spilled juice on the floor and you don't feel like getting the swiffer wet jet. it's ok, grab a diaper wipe.

# 5- realized the counter needs to be wiped and you're too lazy to get the clorox spray and a cleaning rag? it's ok, grab a diaper wipe.

# 4- the highchair has leftover residue from last nite's dinner. or was that from the nite before? oh well. either way... it's ok, grab a diaper wipe!

# 3- it's christmas day and you realize not only are you out of toilet paper, but every store in town is closed. it's ok, grab a diaper wipe.

# 2- it's past time to get those faded tattoos off the toddler's face. it's ok, grab a diaper wipe!

** and finally, the time when i find it most convenient to grab a diaper wipe ........

# 1- baby gets poop EVERYWHERE, including his hiney, tummy, fingers, face, and hair... and you barely have time to change him into a clean outfit, much less give him a bath, because you are already running late and about to walk out the door. well you know what, it's ok, grab a few diaper wipes (and some good smelling baby lotion!) and he's good to go!

in all seriousness, i've learned a lot this past year, having 2 babies 2 and under. i quickly realized that sometimes, you just have to let a few things go. one of the first things i chose to let go was making sure the house was perfect. please don't get the wrong impression, we don't live in a pig sty. in fact, the house is usually fairly clean. but if there's a crying baby and a few loads of laundry to be done, oh well. hold the baby. there's still a closet full of clean clothes to choose from! and if the bathroom doesn't get cleaned as often as i'd like, we will still live. if the carpet doesn't get vacuumed daily, weekly, or maybe even monthly, it's ok, lucas loves finding new things to put in his mouth! :o) kidding. well, kind of! if you think i'm a dirty, nasty, lazy, mom... then please keep those opinions to yourself! if you laughed at any of these, and you are also a lover of diaper wipes, i'd love to hear from you! :o)

and to the inventor of the handiest little wipe around, thankyouverymuch for making my job as a mom a lot easier!


Holly said...

At our house they're called "wipey-dipes."

This was a cute and oh-so-true post!

Shannon Whitt said...

FUNNY!!! I could add a few more to your list... they are great at getting out stains, dusting the mantle, wiping noses, cleaning the dashboard in your car, and so many other things!

Shalita said...

GREAT POST!!! They are great for getting scuff marks off shoes and makeup off your eyes too! I think we are kindred spirits! I feel the exact same way about the house. One day I will have a very clean house, until then I am going to enjoy playing with and holding my babies! And once my grandbabies come along I might have a messy house again----oh well, that's what baby wipes are for, right?