Thursday, April 22, 2010

chalk. bubbles. balls.

a post chocked-full of pictures... in which the boys had a blast playing outside. lucas tracing trace :)
"playing chalk" as trace calls it.
playing eating chalk. oops. shouldn't someone be watching this kid?
blowing bubbles with daddy
fun with the diego ball
it kept him entertained for quite a while
trace chasing bubbles...
stomping bubbles...
and karate chopping bubbles!
love how he says "BALL"... he says it so cute and country. like BAWWWWL :)
getting all kinds of dirty
beautiful day to blow bubbles
our names all connected. corny? possibly ;)
☼ thank you god for this beautiful sunshine you've given us! ☼


Dollar General said...

Maybe Lucas is gonna be a crime scene investigator when he grows up...He's pretty good with outlining the body!

Silena Cvacho said...

I love all these pictures! It looks like you are having a blast!! Boys are so fun! Enjoy every moment~ it goes by soooo fast! We need to make a few play dates for the summer!! We could cook out or something!! Love ya, Silena

Holly said...

They are some cuties!

Shannon Whitt said...

Love the new blog background! Cute!