Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MoRe BeAcH PiCs

i want to share a few (ha!) more beach pics... i love the ones with meme and g-daddy and the boys. i have to admit trace and lucas probably liked not having to share their wonderful grandparents with their cousins while we were at the beach! ;) after trace was so scared of the pool and ocean the first day, i was absolutely shocked the next morning when trace wanted to go in the ocean with meme. at first she went out by herself and he was yelling to her "come back meme. get outta the water!" next thing we knew he was saying "i wanna go out there!" so that's how we started off each day and it was great. both boys LOVED going in the ocean and jumping waves. of course they would wrap their arms around our necks and not let go, but the fact that we were all out there together was so cool! we would count "1, 2, 3, JUMP!" so fun! and after a few days a surfboard was bought. trace thought he was hot stuff when he got to surf the waves with meme and g-daddy!

more beautiful beach pics. it was absolutely gorgeous... again, so blessed by the beauty of it all!

the beach bums! if you look close you will see that lucas has his pasi in this pic. hey, whatever keeps him happy! :) in the pool he would make it a game of throwing his pasi and retrieving it. like i said- whatever keeps him happy! a little chlorine (or salt-water) never hurt anyone, right?

so of course we took some family pics on the beach! i ordered these adorable little polo shirts from old navy for the boys, and i knew nate would wear his white one. i was so excited that this dress (also from old navy, as was nate's shirt. if you know me well, this comes as no surprise!)i bought a few months ago matched the boys shirts perfectly! ya'll know i love matchy matchy pics! i was happy with the way most of them turned out... we probably took 250, and let's just say, maybe 50 were decent. i should do a whole post with blooper pics b/c there were some really funny ones! i love the b/w pics of lucas and trace below. they look SO alike to me. almost like twins!


omgosh, i love these of me and lucas. even though he isn't smiling, i just love them. he has me wrapped around that little finger of his. can you tell?

oh and these next ones might just be some of my favs! i uber love the one of us holding hands and walking. the photoshoot was technically over, and the boys were walking in front of me. then i ran up and grabbed lucas' hand and wa-lah. the perfect ending to that photoshoot!

we did try the last nite to have another mini photo session. i'll just say things didn't go as planned. and mama didn't get in any pics. but i got a few good ones of my 3 handsome boys!

and here's one of me and nate, without kids. wow, hard to remember life without them! ha. one night meme and g-daddy kept the kids and nate and i had a date nite. we went to pier park, which is sorta a cross b/w outlets and the summit to me. there were a ton of stores, yummy places to eat, and a movie theater. other than the fact that it was 145* outside (ok, so maybe it was only 99*, but it felt a lot hotter!) and we were outside sweatin most of the time, it was so fun! we ate at a nice restaurant and then went to the movies. we saw knight and day and it was SO good. action packed and funny, i loved it! then we went to target afterwards for more shopping! exciting, i know! :) it was just so nice to have a small break from the kiddos! thanks meme and g-daddy for our awesome date nite.


Silena Cvacho said...

Jamie, I LOVE these pictures!! Ya'll are so cute!! You look great by the way (oh to be in my twenties again)!! Love ya, Silena