Wednesday, June 9, 2010

slumber party- part 2

when you have 4 littles in the house (4 and under), 3 boys and 1 girl... you might be surprised at the funny, sometimes gross, things you say. first i want to share a few things i found myself saying to the kids saturday morning!

" get your hands OUT of your pants!"
"please tell me if you have boogers. don't you feel the snot dripping down to your lips?"
"well there's only 1 of me and 4 of you. so you're just gonna have to wait a minute."
"please don't sword fight while jumping off of trace's bed!"
"how did you go potty and get tt on the whole front of your shirt?"
"we do NOT pull dirty diapers out of the trash can. are you CrAzY?"
and last... "seriously, 3 out of 4 of you kids are on this nasty pink medicine around the clock? and i'm supposed to use a clean dropper everytime? i don't think so!" :o)
and now... the moment you've all been waiting for... POOL PICS!
... so after the kiddos got tired of playing inside, i decided to brave it out and let them swim. (i was home by myself saturday morning b/c nate was helping my dad fix his roof. so, i really was feeling brave to take the 4 little kids outside to swim!) we got in our bathing suits and the kids were so excited! caden and trace especially LOVED the pool. they played and splashed for a while. lala wanted in, then she wanted out. then back in, and you get the point. and lucas, well, he wanted in, but only if i was holding him. so he mostly just ran around and did his own thing, outside of the pool... which unfortunately included him losing a battle with the concrete when the beach chair folded up on him. :( he's ok though, just got a little strawberry on his sweet head! (nothing peanut butter and jelly couldn't fix though!)
so back to the pool.... most of the time the big kids are so sweet to lucas (except for when they are trying to take his toys away!) i love how they were trying to coax him into swimming with them. and i just love the look on caden and trace's face here. they love lulu!

mr. cool!
sun bathing beauty!
crazy caden!
the big boys got popsicles... and they loved them!!
this next pic is one of my favs!
ahhhh. this is the life!
lucas- just walking around like a big boy!
i am quite convinced this pool maybe the best $20 purchase from walmart of the season! we hope to spend lots of time playing in the pool and getting some sun on the weekends.

oh, and this next one just melts my heart. i'm telling you, trace loves his bubba. and his bubba loves him back!
after their pool fun, the kiddos ate lunch and all took a good long nap... and i took advantage of the empty pool! :) i figured out it is just big enough to put a float (or 2) in and get some good sun! hey, this mama has to work on her tan before our beach trip... b/c we leave in just "11 more sleeps!" woo to the hoo!
and the last segment of the slumber party is be continued...


Meg said...

Looks like tons of fun! Don't you & Nate want 4!!!

Dollar General said...

The thing I say the most that cracks me up every time is "STOP, GO ... NOW!" As in STOP doing whatever you are doing - and start focusing on what's going on around you!! But I can't use that many words!