Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sixteen months

do you see what lucas learned to do last month? W-A-L-K! it's about time! :) i forgot how cute the little drunk boy walk is. i love that he is finally walking (although he still crawls pretty stinkin' fast!) and becoming so independent. and smart! every day he will show us new tricks that he has learned. whether it's saying thank you when we give him something, playing with the motorcycles and saying vroooom vrooom, telling us "NO!" when he doesn't want a bite, throwing away trash, carrying trace's watergun and saying pow pow, he just surprises us all the time! nate and i will look at each other like- really? did he just say/do that? i know that he learns a lot from trace, which is so neat. in most cases, i think his learning from watching other people is a good thing. i'm sure soon he will say or do something that i'm not too proud of though! anyways, i just love this stage, 16 months seems to be fun so far... except for all those fits that he still loves to throw. the boy is rotten with a capital R! and he is seriously never happier than when he is attached to me. whether i'm holding him in my arms, or he's standing up with his arms wrapped around my legs saying MAMA, MAMA, or crawling all over me when i'm on the couch... he is in love with his mama. and you know, i think i'm in love with him too! ♥


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

16-18 months is one of my favorite ages. Every age is fun, but they are just so stinkin' sweet and cute then! Your boys are adorable.

Meg said...

YAY for the walking!

Shalita said...

Sweet pictures!!! Look at him trying to be so big like his brother! It comes with such mixed emotions as the mama, doesn't it? It's fun to watch them grow, yet sad to watch the baby in them go. Just keep hanging on to all the baby you can! Enjoy that fast crawling and holding that sweet boy as long as you can! Ella Kate still loves for me to hold her and most of the time she is on my hip. I hang on to every inch of baby for as long as I can!!! They grow WAY TOO FAST!!