Thursday, June 10, 2010

slumber party- part 3

so after the kids woke up from their naps, we decided we would get out of the house for a while. we loaded up the swaggar wagon and went to chick-fil-a, where nate tried out the new spicy chicken sandwich! (he thought it was great btw. but he still loves wendy's better.) the kids ate all their food, so as promised, they got to play for a while. then we headed back home... where it was bath time and pajama time! then the kids finished out the night with bedtime stories by uncle dogg!

they were all about the story he chose...
"where the wild things are"

sunday morning rolls around, and we woke up bright and early (6 AM!) no such luck sleepin' til 7:30 again! nate had to be at church at 8 for praise team practice... so that left me to get all the littles fed, dressed, and ready for church! no worries though, we got ready on time... with EXTRA minutes to spare even! and i managed to take a few cute pictures of the monkeys before church.

COUSINS! i love the looks on each one of their precious little faces! priceless!

awww, i snapped a sweet one of caden and lala too!

and friends, miracles never cease to happen at the whitt house! low and behold, i managed to take a great picture of my boys. remember, nate wasn't home to help make them smile or look at the camera. but somehow, they were doing both! seriously, this might just be my new favorite all-time pic of the boys! i love how they are dressed all cute.. and their hair is fixed just right- trace with his "spikey hair" and lucas rockin his' MOHAWK!

SEE? isn't this the best picture? ever??? yep. i thought so too! ♥

after church we went to eat and play at burger king (please don't say anything abour our healthy eating over the weekend!) HA. i figured we'd let the kids run off some energy! while at burger king, lucas threw such an awful whitt fit that the poor lady working there felt sorry for him. she was like quick, get this kid a toy. so we got a free puppy dog toy. then he continued to scream and act like a brat (all b/c he wanted to hold my diet coke himself, and spill it everywhere!) then he earned a free chocolate milk out of it. wow, i was so embarrassed! anyways, we timed it just right where josh and shannon met us at the king and surprised their kids. caden and lala were so happy to see their mom and dad! then we all loaded up and went to our own houses. and once we got home, we ALL passed out, from such a crazy long fun weekend! seriously... it was crazy, and long, but we also had a lot of fun! it went better than i thought it would, and the kids had a blast. i must admit, i am proud of myself for pretending like i had it all together. :) and honestly, i am relieved that the worse incident was the little boo-boo lucas had. just glad it was one of my own kids, and not caden and lala!


The Mom-tage said...

They are precious! You did GREAT! See, four's not so bad! :)