Monday, June 4, 2012

hawaii day 1

saturday, may 19... first full day in hawaii!
wasted no time! woke up and visited the local farmers market... where i (GASP!) tried several new things... one being this AMAZING crepe nate and i are sharing! 
apple banana macnut butter and local honey... YUMM!

we had to hike a little ways to the first beach. but oh my word, was it ever worth it!!!
this was on our way down to lumahai beach on the north shore

the view half way down... see what i mean? breathtaking!!!
i still can't believe that i was really there... i mean, it doesn't look real. but oh it is!! :)

i was pretty adventurous... there was a huge rock that ppl were jumping off. so hey, what the heck! we decided to jump too! this was pre-jump... i gotta admit, i was SKEERED! 

nate said we needed to kiss in case we didn't make it down alive. scary thought... but we made it... HOORAY! :))

 mr and mrs hawaii...

snorkeling for the first time at lumahai... as you can see, the water was crazy beautiful and oh so clear! 
and the sand... everyone said hawaii sand is awful. well not to me. to me, there is no such thing as an awful beach or sand! the sand reminded me of birdseed, it was a very odd consistency. and at this beach, the sand was SOOO hot. it literally burnt our feet as we ran to the ocean!!! crazy!!
the rocks behind loni, on the right, are the ones we jumped off! i don't know how high it was, but it was high enough! :) loni called it cliff diving, and i totally agree! (secret, she was too SKEERED to jump! haha!) but if she would have jumped, who would have taken the pics? ;))

after the beach, we grabbed a late lunch at kalypso's and then went shopping! after that, we went to the sight of the 2nd most photographed sight on kauai, the kilauea lighthouse! (sporting our new hawaii hats!) :)
it was so cool... the view there was a.maaaaazing!

well that about wraps up our fun first day!!