Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hawaii day 4

tuesday, may 22.... i'm having some difficulty loading pics to blogger... some nonsense about running out of storage space and having to purchase more. i'm trying to get around that... so here's a little slideshow of day 4. not how i prefer to do things... but it works for now.

tuesday morning nate and i did some exploring on our own! we drove up to the waimea canyon, which is like hawaii's version of the grand canyon. it was a little windy road that took us strait up into the mountains... the journey is always just as cool as the destination in hawaii!! when we got to the lookout points, it was amazing! beyond words! loni and i had flown over the canyon during our air tour, so it was just that much cooler to actually stand there beside it! i guess if we had gotten adventurous enough, we could have hiked it. but yeah, i was content to stop and stare!! :)
after we finished our sightseeing tour at the different stopping points, we drove into poipu and ate at bubba's burgers... yum!! burger and french fries... exactly what this southern girl needed!! :) then we went over to poipu beach again for the afternoon. beautiful view, like before! and oh my word at the chickens that are just everywhere! i was listening to chicken fried, by zac brown, andc the next thing i know, a chicken struts right past me on the beach, where i'm laying out! ha.
we went back to loni's and got ready to go eat. we had reservations for a super nice place called the beach house for dinner. the view was incredible, right in front of the ocean. and it made a perfect backdrop for sunset! the food was DELISH... of course, i went for comfort food (i don't like seafood, or most other crazy    foods so i ordered safe...) and had the grilled pork chop, mashed potatoes, and the best mac n cheese ever!! our waiter was hilarious, and he thought my accent was hilarious too! he asked if we were from texas! :-) nope. alabama! that's alaaabammmaaa... ;)
hope the pics show up in the order i wanted them to. if not, oops! enjoy them anyways!