Friday, June 1, 2012

hey wow...

so yeah... apprently the month of may has come, and gone! and i didn't blog even once! and apparently haven't really updated anything since easter. oh my... things have been busy, but also i was a little lazy! :-) quick rundown... the weekend after easter i went on a beach trip with the girls for a long weekend... it was awesome and a much needed break! 

then, at the end of april, i can hardly believe i'm saying this, but we registered trace for K-5. what the heck??  when did my baby get old enough for kindergarten? oh my... time flies! he was super excited to visit the school... we were just there for a few minutes, where we turned in all the paperwork and they did a few evaluations on him. he was bummed that we didn't get to stay for longer! he seems super excited about starting school! i'm excited for him, but i'd be lying if i said i'm ok with it! ;) august 20th will be here before we know it!

in early may i had the chance to earn some extra money by working the talladega race! i dressed up like a cowgirl, greeted people and checked id's at a tent, and made some easy cash! :) i actually had a lot of fun!! pretty cool that i got to sit in this car... the same car that won the race that day!!! i felt super cool! ;)

next we had mother's day weekend... where i was pampered and treated like a queen! i got a massage, a pedicure, went shopping... and got this super cute gift from the kids and nate! LOVE it!! also got a new duvet cover for the bed!

our church always does something special for the mothers for mothers day... this year we had a brunch. it was super cool for us to be there with 4 generations on mom's side of the famliy... nana, mom, me and shannon, and lala belle! love this picture and will always remember this special time!

the boys are crazy as always... getting so big. i'll leave you with 2 cute pics that i just have to share!

sweet sweet boys

silly, silly boys!!!!