Friday, January 29, 2010

one year ago today

dear lucas,

one year ago today, we welcomed you, lucas james whitt, into our world! on january 30, 2009, @ 9:07 am, we saw your sweet little face for the first time. you weighed 7 pounds even and you were 20 inches long. you have changed our life in ways we could have never imagined! honestly, life was rough for a few days after you were born, while we were trying to get adjusted to having 2 small boys. your mommy loved you like crazy, and i was so emotional 24/7! wow, you rocked our world little baby boy! the minute we saw you, it was love at first sight! your mommy and daddy love you so much sweet boy. and so does your brother trace. he is seriously the best big brother you could ever have! you are loved by so so so many other people... your bitsy and poppi, meme and grandaddy, nae nae and josh, caden and lala, rara and d, kenley and mason... and the list goes on and on! god has blessed us over and over this past year. we pray for you often bubba, and ask god to keep his hand on you. to draw you to him at an early age, and to use you for his glory. we pray for wisdom and guidance as we continue to raise you and trace, that we will be godly examples in all we do. i know we have failed a lot, and will continue to, and i'm sorry. but with god's grace, we will keep on going. we will learn from our mistakes. i promise to love you, my precious angel boy, with all my heart and to be the best mommy ever. i love you lucas james whitt!

for those of you who are new to my blog, or may not remember the details of lucas' birth... you can read the longest post ever that i wrote when he was a week old. or i can just remind ya'll of a few details leading up to his birth!

6 am- arrive at brookwood to be induced

7:49- 5 cm, 80% effaced, dr. adcock broke my water

7:53- contractions started coming, hard and fast

8:17- started epidural

8:28- finished eipidural

8:39- felt lots of pressure... fully dialated and ready to push

** where's dr. adcock? b/c this baby is coming FAST! **

9:07- lucas james whitt arrives, healthy, safe, and fast!

(and just a side note... when i had pushed a couple of times, the dr. told me to reach down, and pull my baby out! yes, he said to grab him under his arms and pull him onto my chest! and so i did! i am still in awe of that moment!)

if you've heard that story before, sorry, you just heard it again. :) but it still gets me every time i remember it... and i am still amazed that it all happened so fast, and that i got to help deliver my son.

i love these pictures of trace meeting his baby brother for the first time. they are so precious!

our family is complete!

sweet sweet bubbas

wearing the same outfit his daddy wore home from the hospital 27 years before!

the first set of matching pj's for trace and lucas :)

and now... here he is a whole year later. wow. it seems like just yesterday i was holding this tiny little babe in my arms. now he hardly sits still for me to hold him for more than a few seconds! we love watching him grow and discover new things. he is such a joy to be around and always keeps up on our toes!
we will have his birthday party this afternoon... and i have a lot to do before then, so i better wrap this up!

we love you sweet boy!

~ wishing you a very happy FIRST birthday lucas ~


Meg said...

Awe...I can't beleive it has been a year already! Happy Birthday sweet baby!